How to sell in jumia whether within or outside Lagos

One of the simplest means to reach out to thousands of Nigeria with your products now is to sell on Jumia, and the power of the internet cannot be underrated. 
Jumia is the 12th most visited website in the country, according to Alexa and 1,599th most visited in the world, so you are sure people will get to see your products. 

Presently, the top ecommerce website has an existence in over 14 countries, and reportedly own less than 20% of the products they display, which means they have a chance for you and I to come on board and sell as business owners. 

Before I show you how to sign up as a seller and start to market your own products, we'd be seeing the benefits and disadvantages of selling your products on Jumia (and Konga of course). 
For attending this page, you would have already been familiar with some of the advantages of selling on the Nigeria's top ecommerce website, but we will be reaching them for clarity purposes. 

Some of the benefits of selling your products on Jumia include: 
Access to a wider audience
Jumia reportedly gets over 15 million monthly visitors from Nigeria alone, and you can imagine having to reach out to that amount of people. 

There are beliefs that Nigerian's don't shop online, but it's not completely true. I shop from Jumia regularly, and I have a good number of friends who do that also. 
Brand trust
When you sell on Jumia, you sell with the trust people already have for Jumia. We know they won't scam us, and all their sellers are trusted so we can comfortably pay. 
Simpler to organize
Jumia will handle everything from collecting your money to doing the delivery, so why give yourself headache if it is an option? 

There are a lot of other benefits, and the power of the internet cannot be underrate. 
Disadvantages Of Selling On Jumia
Whatever has benfits they say, has disadvantages. 

Some of the flaws of selling your products on Jumia include: 
No matter what you sell, there are already a good number of people selling that too, and occasionally they sell at incredibly low prices to keep up with the circumstance. 

Nigerians are very price attentive, and we constantly go for the cheapest of anything we need, to the disadvantages of the seller. 
Product title, images and description
Same way vendors on Aliexpress hijack people's photos and product descriptions to market their own products is the same way they do on Jumia, and most of them end of pinning these products to incredibly lower prices, and you have to succumb to the competition or end up not selling at all. 
Fees and commissions
You are charged for each successful sale, and though the payments are user friendly, no one likes money leaving their pockets. 

Nevertheless, it is essential for the maintenance of the program. 
Return products
There are times the buyers will find reasons to return the orders they made, and it will affect your business and the impressions your commodities get negatively. 

No matter what it takes, make sure you give value because in the end, it wins. 
What Can You Sell On Jumia?
There are so several products you can sell, and you can in fact sell anything you find on the site. 

Some of the illustrations include: 
Phones and tablets
Electronics, ie television, sound systems, cameras
Computers and accessories ie laptops, scanners
Grocery ie toiletries, beverages
Baby items ie toys, diapering
Fashion items ie watches, shirts, wigs and hair
Health and beauty products ie makeups
Home and office products
Sports items ie footballs, boots
Gaming products ie video games
And so on. 
You can visit the site website to get an idea of what you will be qualified to market there. 
What Can You Not Sell On Jumia?
As with every other ecommerce website, there are also limitations to the things you can sell. 
Some of these things include: 
Stolen and/or counterfeit products
Illegal substances
Fake money and any other products which counterfeit financial instruments
Plants and animals endangered by extinction
Any explosives, flammable materials, fireworks and ammunition
Fake birth certificates, IDs, driving licenses and any other documents
Anything related to hacking
Items associated to pornography, paedophilia and others
Any items that contravenes to intellectual property.
Conditions Required For Selling On Jumia
Some of the conditions expected for selling on Jumia include: 
You must be up to 18 years of age
Quality of your commodities cannot be underestimated, and you must retain transparency. Jumia does a routine quality check on all products.
Your products must be sold on all programs as they are listed on Jumia. Don't sell your shoes for ₦4,500 on your website and ₦6,000 on Jumia because you want to make back the payments or feel like you already have a credit-card ready audience at your disposal.
A Tax Identification Number is mandatory to complete the registration processes.
Make sure your commodities are never out of stock, and maintain a ready-to ship policy within 24 hours.
How Much Does Jumia Charge Sellers On Their Platform?
The fees and charges rely on some factors, particularly the type of products and the method of delivery chosen. 
As a vendor on Jumia, you might also require to pay for the cost of shipping, enhanced marketing fees and the cost of shipping your products. 
How To Start Selling On Jumia
To start selling on Jumia, the first step is to sign up. You can begin the process by clicking HERE, then click on START SELLING ON JUMIA. 

Fill in your name, email, phone number, TIN and the mandatory business information, then submit. 
They also provided two phone numbers -  01-888-1102 and 01-277-2361, and you can dial them to get a customer care help you out with the processes.  

Carrying your business online is no doubt the best thing you can do in this 21st Century, and with the way things are going, the whole world is coming to be techie

Ways Npower beneficiaries can access NEXIT website for another job

Following the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development had set up the N-power Exit (NEXIT) portal in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to facilitate exited N-power beneficiaries log on to and “apply for the numerous economic, empowerment and entrepreneurship options provided by the CBN,” the ministry has revealed how exited N-Power beneficiaries will access to the portal.

It was gathered that some of the N-power beneficiaries have been finding it difficult to have access to log in into the N-power Exit (NEXIT) portal due to the issues connected to email not functioning or not have access to it.

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Hajiya Sadiya Farouq, has disclosed how exited N-Power beneficiaries will access the N-power Exit (NEXIT) portal.

Farouq declared openly that the ministry had set up the N-power Exit (NEXIT) portal in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to facilitate exited N-power beneficiaries log on to and “apply for the various economic, empowerment and entrepreneurship options provided by the CBN.”

To access the options, exited beneficiaries must provide the required data for placements into CBN‘s intervention options.

The NEXIT portal will determine the expediency of applicants and access would be permitted upon meeting the criteria and conditions set by the CBN.

Farouq’s Special Assistant, Media & Publicity to the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Nneka Ikem, said that the exited N-power beneficiaries of batches A and B can presently have access the NEXIT Portal.

Here is how to register on the NEXIT

2. Then put the email address you used for your N-power application.

3. Set up a new password on the NEXIT Portal

4. Now enter your name as enrolled on your N-power profile

5. Kindly enter your Bank Verification Number

6. Finally, agree to the terms and agreement and hit the submit button.

The another stage is to re-enter your email address on the activation page. Once that is done, go to your email and click the activation link delivered to your e-mail.

Now login into the NEXIT portal with your certificates and complete the questionnaire.

Farouq’s aide, Nneka Ikem, also disclosed that the exited N-power beneficiaries of batches A and B can access the NEXIT Portal if the beneficiaries to change their email address or have issues associated to email not functional or you do not have access to it or you can’t log in.

She said ” Dear @npower_ng Beneficiaries batches A & B, If you want to change your email address or have issues connected to email not functional or you do not have access to it or you can’t log in… kindly complete this form and submit to”

Click NEXIT PORTAL Email Update Form to submit form

N-power Email update form
The portal was inaugurated to commit exited N-power beneficiaries through the Central Bank of Nigeria’s job options.

Hajiya Sadiya Farouq said “The NEXIT portal is to determine the usefulness of the beneficiaries for the CBN affiliated programs and is dependent on meeting the criteria and conditions set by the CBN for the said programs”

Fish farming business in Nigeria and it benefits

There are so many news on the internet on how to begin fish farming in Nigeria particularly catfish farming but few are detailed enough to really help aspiring fish farmer to get commenced. I will be endeavor to make this article as detailed as reasonable and hope that other experienced fish farmer will add to it as we try to answer people’s questions by commenting.

One of the vastly popular agric business in Nigeria is fish farming and for good explanations. Gone are the days when the only means of getting fish is by catching it in the local rivers and ponds through trial and errors. Today, the modern farm practice has made it reasonable to grow fish in the farms and control the input.

If you are thinking of business to start now, I suggest you start Catfish Farming. If you are a living farmer and you are looking to improve your farm capacity, I’d encourage you add fish farming to your line of business. Fish farming (especially catfish) is most compatible with poultry farming as you can use the poultry drops to produce the feed for your fish.
Advantages of Fish Farming

1. Fish is Popular
Fishery products is by far the greatly outstanding animal products in the market, comprising more than 60% of meat produce in the Nigerian market.

2. Fish is Source of Protein

Fish is one of the greatest source of protein. It is a low-fat high quality protein that is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2 (riboflavin). Fish is also very rich in calcium and phosphorus and is equally a great source of minerals, such as iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium.

3. Fish Sells Quick
Fish sells quicker than any other animal products in the market and is relatively reasonable than meats, making it the number one choice when it comes to affordability.

4. Fish Matures Quickly

Fish matures very fast as practices in fish farming makes it possible for farmers to enhance the fastness of their fish growth by giving them certain feeds, ensuring that you harvest and sell within short period of time.

5. Fish Contains Omega-3
Fish is the massive source of Omega-3 fatty acids which is extremely beneficial to human heart; Omega-3 helps to keep our heart and brain very healthy. Since human body doesn’t produce Omega-3 fatty acids, the only source through which we can get it is by what we eat, that is where fish comes to the rescue.

6. Fish Farming is Profitable

Fish farming is very profitable. With proper planning and good management, N3 million investment in fish farming could handily result to N4 million of pure profit within six months.

7. No Environmental Hazard
Fish farm does not impact any environmental hazard. Unlike poultry farming, you can setup fish farm anywhere, including residential areas. If you have a specious compound, you can easily setup a small fish farm within your backyard without any regulatory precaution.

Risks and Challenges in Fish Farming
1. Sensitive to Manage

Fish is very sensitive to organize and a slight mistake could result to degenerated development of your fish or even death which may cause massive dividend loss.

2. Capital Intensive

Putting up fish farm is capital intensive, much more than that of poultry and snail farming. Raising fish farm requires more careful planning and much capital input. A relatively small fish farm may take up to N500,000 to setup, while bigger ones takes millions of naira.

3. Fish is Priced High

Due to the cost of production, fish produced from the farm is priced higher than those grabbed from the rivers and ponds by fishermen. Therefore, if there are good number of fisherman’s fish in the market, you may find it difficult to sell as people would prefer the cheaper ones.

4. No Byproduct

There is no byproduct in fishery unlike poultry where even the drop can be obtained and sold to other farmers and make additional profit. In fishery, all you get is the flesh.

Types Of Fish You Can Farm
Haven seen the advantages as competently as the risks involved in fish farming, let’s now continue to decide which specie of fish we want to farm. Below are some of the most popular fish species that is suitable for Aquaculture.

1. Cat Fish –

Even though Catfish is not the most famous fish in Nigeria, this fish variety is by far the most cultivated in Nigeria. One thing good about catfish is that it is one of the understandable fish species to cultivate. So, people naturally flow to the direction of fish specie they found to be the easiest to cultivate.

2. Tilapia –

Second most popular fish in Nigeria’s aquaculture industry, Tilapia is a fish species that dwells in fresh shallow water. Tilapia is very easy to develop and very popular in Nigerian market, it reproduces very rapidly and grows fast too.

3. Mackerel (Titus) –

This is by far the most popular fish in Nigerian market but so sad it’s not farmed. All Mackerel Fish are “wild caught” but some farmer in Nigeria are regarding the likelihood of creating artificial salty water that will be similar to sea water where mackerel can only survive. Can this deep blue sea fish specie be cultivated artificially? Only time will tell but for now, you have to focus your awareness to Catfish and Tilapia.

What You Need To Get Started In Fish Farming
1. Secure a Land

Any location is good since fish doesn’t cause any environmental discomfort. Look for land where you can get it cheap and buy. Relying on the capacity you wants to operate on, half plot of land is just good enough for average fish farm.

However, you may go for something greater like full plot or two if you can afford it probably for convenience sake. If you already have a compound with leftover space you thing can adapt two or three ponds, you may use it.

2. Construct Ponds

You require to engage the service of expert pond construction engineer or you go to another fish farm to get the specification and construction prerequisites. The plumbing work must be properly done to ensure proper drainage.

Catfish Ponds For Catfish Farming
Example of local fish ponds in Nigeria
3. Dig a Borehole

Adequate water supply is the lifeblood of fish farm and lack of it may result to disaster because water need to be changed on normal interval. Naturally available sources of water such as borehole and river water is the most acceptable. Rain water and tap water from chemically treated source is not acceptable for fish cultivation.

4. Install Overhead Tank

This is the water reservoir from which water is provided with to your ponds. This tank has to be connected to your ponds through plumbing system to make it convenient for water to flow into your ponds when desired.

5. Get Juvenile Fish

Get your juvenile from another farm that works in supplying it. You need to go for the high yield specie of catfish or tilapia and make sure you are buying it from a healthy farm.

6. Get Training

Not the type of training you get from one day seminars; you need to get connected to a fish farm for proper apprenticeship. For you to properly learn this trade, you need at least two months training on this.

Remember that your involvement is at stake, trial and error is not good in business except you have unlimited funds to experiment with.

Feasibility Study For Standard Fish Farming
This feasibility study prepared for a catfish farm capacity of 10,000 and fingerlings of high breed catfish where to be stocked. The payments from pond construction to marketing is regarded. The farm is to have 10 concrete ponds of flow through system and each pond is to comprises 1,000 stocked catfish.

Cost of Constructing Each Pond is as Follows

Each pond is 3m x 2.5m by 1.4m, each pond consumes 210 blocks and each bag of cement for 30 blocks. Hence 210 x 10 = 2,100 blocks. 2,100/30 = 70 bags of cement needed. 2000 x 70 = 140,000 naira.

4trips of sand used = 7,000×4 = N28,000

2trips of gravel = 32,000x 2 = N64,00

Cost of labour = N150,00

Cost of plumbing (inlet and outlet facility) = N100,000.

The cost of bore hole = N150,000.

Cost of treatment = N50,000.

The cost of high breed fingerlings 30×10,000 = N300,000.

Cost of feeding from day one to adulthood stage is 200 bags of foreign feed = N1,000,000.

After the average weight of the fish was 1.7kg. And it was sold at 800 naira each. The output was 800×9800 fishes, due to 200 mortality. 800 x 9800 = N7,840,000.

Input is N3.25’million. The profit is N4.59 million after six months of culture. Pursuing this cost analysis, you can easily invest N3 million and expect good turnover within six months of harvest and sell.

There is no doubt that fish farming is among the list of lucrative businesses in Nigeria. You need to get it right by drawing a complete business plan and following it to the latter. You need to apply good management skills and follow the acceptable standard. If you do all these, you are sure to make a good profit from your fish farming business

NDE recruitment 2021

Here i will provide you all the  information you need about the National Directorate of Employment  – NDE recruitment 2021. Here you will see the accepted NDE recruitment portal, application requirements, and a step-by-step guide on how to apply.

If you have interest in working with National Directorate of Employment , here is for you to know more about NDE, the recruitment process, requirements, application guide and tips to achieve in the application exercise.

About the National Directorate of Employment 
The National Directorate of employment, NDE was established in 1986 but started full operation in 1987 to prevent the effects of the 1980s economic recession which led to entirely closure of industries and other drastic incapacities in Nigeria’s economy. The core areas of focus of the NDE was to contain the massive job losses and reversal of the impact of the negative economic programs pursued by the government of the day which include the Structural adjustment Programme, Devaluation of the Naira and Commercialization of the economy to address the resultant unemployment problem of the time, the Chukwumah Committee headed by Mr Stephen Chukwumah was set up by the General Ibrahim Babangida’s military government to proffer a sustainable interventionist solution to fight the rising level of unemployment at that time and in the future until date.

In its report, the committee recommended that the informal sector of the national economy had operators and employees who were primarily low-skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled who constituted about 90% of the national workforce. In response, the military government of IBB promulgated the Degree No.29  later replaced with ACT, CAP 250 of the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999.

That is the statutory basis on which NDE was established and proceeds to operate to this day. According to its mission statement, the NDE exists to design and implement job creation programmes that will promote attitudinal change, employment generation, curtail poverty and enhance wealth generation. The core requirement of the NDE are analysed in the career overview section below.

Career Overview in NDE

The National Directorate of Employment is structured into many and varying career paths for its apprentices, which calls for recruitment of manpower to oversee its operation. Successful applicants acquire necessary skills through various programmes with duration ranging from 3 – 24 months depending on skill set. Recruited authorities are employed to serve under different departments of the NDE which include:

The Vocational Skills Acquisition Training: which has the following objectives:
To give technical and vocational training for holders of primary school certificate, secondary school certificates, school dropouts and those with vertical literacy education.
To prepare the youths with such skills that will facilitate them to be self employed or gain wage employment
To provide alternative employment opportunities for youths so that they can form cooperatives and start their own businesses.
National Open Apprenticeship Scheme (NOAS): further segmented into 2 classifications namely: Basic – Open Apprenticeship Scheme ( B-NOAS) and the Advanced Open Apprenticeship Scheme (A-NOAS). The B-NOAS is devoted to unemployed school leavers who are attached to Master Craftmen/women in the informal sector or NDE Skills Acquisition Centres to obtain marketable vocational skills for decent opportunities: while the A-NOAS is designed for Artisans who graduated from B-NOAS aimed at upgrading their skills to higher levels of competencies. The Nstional Open Apprenticeship Scheme of the NDE virtuall accommodates all classes of citizens including people with special needs and disabilities
Special Public Works Programme: the SPW is one of the 4 core programmes of the NDE which seeks to identify and exploit employment opportunities that abound in public works sector. The SPW is segmented into Graduate Attachment Programme (GAP), Graduate Coaching Scheme (GCS), Graduate Special Training Programme (GSTP), Enviromental Beautification Training Scheme (EBTS), Solar Energy Training Scheme (SETS), Community Development Scheme(CDS), Labour Based Technology Training Scheme (LBTS).
Small Scale Enterprice Programme: formulated to inculcate in the unemployed Nigerian graduates and other interested persons the spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity and self reliance with a view to assisting them set up their own businesses in other to create employment for themselves and other Nigerians.
Rural Employment Promotion Programme(REP): which focuses on generating rual employment and improving incomes through agric business engagements. Promotion and adoption of improved technologies in post-harvest handling storage and processing, promoting other non-farm rural employment activities in order to curb the rural urban drift.
The NDE operates under numerous administrative departments which include procurement department, Planning, Research ans Statistics, Inspectorate department, Finance and accounts department, Human Resources, Women Employment Branch, Internal Audit Branch and Information and Public Relations Branch.

NDE Staff Ranking
Director General
Deputy Director
Assistant Director
State Coordinator
NDE Salary Structure for  Staff

Although the salary structure for NDE staff cannot be readily authenticated, it could be measured by what is obtainable by other Federal workers in similar agencies. Meanwhile,the average salary of an entry level employee at NDE is within the range of N75,598.

Nigerian Directorate of Employment Recruitment Process
The recruitment method of NDE commences with the registration at the NDE portal and purchase of the application form which is available online on the Directorate’s recruitment portal. But before you purchase the form, ensure that you meet the conditions below:

NDE Recruitment Requirements

Interested applicants for NDE recruitment must fulfill the following requirements:

Applicants must be Nigerian citizen by birth
Applicants must possess NYSC Discharge/Exemption certificate
Local Government Identification Letter
Bachelor’s Degree (B.Sc.) or Higher National Diploma (HND), National Certificate of Education (NCE), Ordinary National Diploma (OND) from a well-known institution
Four (4) credits passes in WASC/SSCE/NECO/GCE including Mathematics and English in not more than 2 sittings
Reasonable problem solving skills
Basic computer skills in Microsoft packages such as (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc)
Geographical mobility within and outside Nigeria
How to Apply for NDE Recruitment
Please note that the application form for NDE job is not out yet. Once it’s out, we will update you. The NDE application can be done in 2 ways i.e. through the online application portal or the offline.

The online application method for NDE is by simply log in to the NDE application portal on

The offline application method is done by visiting the National Directorate of Employment Office in your state of origin. They are usually found within states Federal Secreteriat complexes. Once you locate the office, submit required documents and your credentials to the appropriate officer.

N/B: NDE application form portal is currently open for 2021.

Tips to Succeed in NDE Application
Attend instructions
Be among the first 100 applicants as millions of peoples will be applying and the recruitment officers have limited time to process the applications
Avoid multiple applications
Provide all the mandatory details
Prepare for the aptitude test if any.

5 ways to avoid being broke as NYSC corp member

Are you a young man or woman who finds herself constantly in debt or out of cash? You need not bother as you need to put just one or two things in place and you’d be fine.

Below are some tips that will work for you.

1. Budget your spending
Budgeting is one of the nicest means your money can work for you because when you budget, you want your money to do what you want it to do.

Giving a certain portion of your earnings to accomplish certain goals allows you to control your money and by that, you avoid unnecessary spending and save more.

2. Live below your standards
Consuming above what you earn will only leave a trail of debt behind you. If you’re spending beyond your means because you need to keep up with your colleagues or show others that you can afford a certain lifestyle, you’re not doing yourself any good. Stop bothering about what others can pay for and think about how you can live within your standards. Put your credit or debit card away. They make it easy to spend money you don’t wish to spend. Prevent impulse buying as much as possible.

3. Be debt free
Having too many debts to resolve hinders you from accomplishing your financial freedom and it can limit other opportunities. However, settling your debts and getting out can get you enough financial freedom.

4.Only lend money you can afford to forfeit
Leave a comment below if you have had a bad experience lending money to a person close to you.

Many folks have had bad experiences with lending money to friends as it may lead to the end of the friendship.

It’s okay to give a helping hand to person in need. But that should be when you can afford to. If you are still battling to find your feet financially, loaning money you cannot afford to lose leaves you at the pity of the borrower. To be on the safer side, only lend money you can afford to let go in the worse issue.

5. Save and keep saving!
It is important you make saving your hobby once you settle all your debt. Saving will curtail your financial anxiety and also help you handle the ups and downs that will arise throughout your life.

However, saving alone will not make your money work for you except you invest. It is crucial you invest your money in one business or the other to develop it and help you achieve the financial freedom you seek

Enugu state recruitment for 1000 youth



Following the current notification by the State Government of Enugu of the recruitment of 500 Traffic Officers and 500 Forest Guards, the State Head of Service, Ken Chukwuegbo, reiterated that all interested candidates meeting the required requirements should submit written applications to the Office of the Head of Service, Enugu, or   apply online before Thursday, January 14, 2021.

In an announcement, the Head of Service stated that clarification had become imperative to ensure that all applicants were properly guided by strict adherence to the recruitment methods laid down.

In line with its avowed commitment to job innovation and youth empowerment, the administration of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State has recently authorized the employment of an additional 1,000 young people between the ages of 18-35 to work as traffic officers and forest guards.

According to a public service report signed by the Head of Service, Chukwuegbo, the applicants must have a minimum Senior Secondary School Certificate and must be an indigene of  Enugu State.

What is the Requirements for Enugu State Government  Employment of 1000 Youths? 
The minimum prerequisites for Enugu State Government  Employment/ Recruitment of 1000 Youths are

Applicants must have  Senior Secondary School Certificate 
Applicants must be an indigene of  Enugu State. 
Applicants Must be between 18 — 35 years 

How to Apply for Enugu State Government  Recruitment of 1000 Youths.

Concerned Applicants should submit Hand written applications to the Office of the Head of Service, Enugu. Or visit 

How to start Turkey breeding business with just N3000

Turkey rearing business is a very lucrative business that you can begin with a small money and earn big incomes. It is a business that many people did not pay interest to, all that is needed is your decision and attention in the business.Turkey rearing business is a big opportunity, as a day old is sold about #1,500 each, an adult one if it’s a male is sold between #10,000 and #30,000 while the female one is sold between #8,000 and #15,000 respectively, depending on its size.

To start this business, all you require to do is to purchase Turkey’s eggs, these eggs must be fertilized ones, that is, it must be a product of both sexes, not ordinary eggs.

You can purchase the egg within the range of #250 to #300 per one, after that you will find a local Hen which is already laying after it has completed laying of her eggs, you will pack all her eggs and change them with that of Turkey. You must do that carefully so that the Hen will not recognize that her eggs have been changed with.

Ordinarily, the incubation time for Hen is 21 days, but that of Turkey is 28 days. The Hen will hatch Turkey’s eggs on the 28th day and instantly after you notice she has completed hatching, you will remove all the little Turkeys from the Hen and put them in a different place for adequate care.

For a start, little Turkey cannot eat on their own, so they need tutoring, you will then purchase a day old chicken and put them together with Turkey, you will thereafter purchase starter feed for them, the chicken will teach them how to eat, within 2 to 3 weeks they must have been eaten on their own.
You can follow the above method for as many times as the quantity of Turkeys you want to raise. As at now a 4 weeks old Turkey is sold for #2500, if the Hen hatched 10 eggs for you, that is #25,000. You can evaluate the profits from #3000 capital

5 productive chicken that can give you good money

Keeping chicken is a good project and should first begin by selecting the best breeds. This ensures that your poultry activity is productive oriented to help you earn good money. Choose and select highly productive chicken breeds that will favor and help grow your poultry business.

Here are 5 chicken breeds that can be the best for you;

1.Barnevelder Breed.

This chicken breed has the capacity to lay about two hundred eggs yearly. The benefit of maintaining this is because it is easily suited rearing pens with little or no discomfort at all. Someone keeping this breed benefits from both eggs as well as trading the additional chickens at the time prices are favorable to gain reasonable earnings.

2.Sussex Breed.

This is another breed to consider when keeping chickens because its capable of laying up to 250 eggs yearly. It has an advantage given that its eggs as nicely as meat can be sold. They are a nice breed based on their highest productivity nature.

3.Hybrid Breed.

Hybrid chicken breeds are the most productive and can lay about two hundred and eighty eggs yearly. They are the best to keep as they don't go broody easily coupled with good-egg laying abilities.

4.Maran Breed.

Chickens from this breed are capable of laying about two hundred eggs in a reasonable year. It can be a good breed for somebody keeping them for the motive of yielding eggs that could be sold to earn money.

5.Easter Eggers Breed.

They are a nice to keep breed based on their good laying abilities and friendlier natures. They can lay up to 250 eggs which can be sold in the long run to earn you big money. As far as they are fed well egg production will always be high.

How to make money during NYSC

The first wealth step at NYSC isn’t to save. Here’s a plan of what to start with.

1. Receive as much information as you can on mandatory living expenses. What will it cost you to eat, rent a house, and move about in your place of primary assignment (PPA)?

2. Calculation the monthly cost, and relate it with your monthly income. Do you wish to earn more?

3. If your projected monthly income can cover basic costs, define how much you can save.

4. Specify what your money goals are. They could range from your rent to fees for certification exams.

What if your PPA doesn’t pay allowance sufficiently? Don’t worry here’s a five-step guide to snatching for a side gig:
1. List out your interests. I assure that this will be long a one, and that’s even fine.

2. Meditate on them for about a week, preferably at the orientation camp. This will help you analyze your options.

3. Select out the interests that will let you work remotely.

4. Take small (free) courses online to polish interest connected skills.

5. Dive on opportunities with assurance.

It doesn’t end there, you now need to make sure these chances find you.

To ensure this, participate in online discussions around your interests. Go additional and share experiments—like mock market pitches if you are into market research. Then, reach out to small companies with a portfolio of your experiments.

With all these done, you can then consider saving using Challenges where you save with friends together through service year.

To avoid stories that touch, you can use strategies like Cowrywise.

They give a service for challenges that allow everyone to withdraw only their savings + interests in the end.

You can make more than a million with small snail farming monthly

 You can make more than a million with small anail farming monthly

The farming of land snails is a very lucrative business investment for the practitioners. Specific types of snails are preferred for commercial farming because of their size and the amount of meat they produce.

Many variety of snails that are good for farming are found in western nations and Africa. Each area has various species that thrive in varied environments.

 Not all snails are consumed by humans; some can be downright toxic. Some have other uses: many produce substances used by cosmetic factories. Luckily most large land snails are edible and are a highly sought after delicacy that attracts a premium price in the marketplace.

Snails feed on fruits, vegetables like cabbage, microscopic algae and moist leaves such as banana or plantain leaves or lettuce.

Snail farming is nearly collecting the right resources, like humidity and temperature controls, the kind of pen required and the quality of the soil. Other considerations are the sourcing of food and requirement of calcium which constitutes 97% of the snail's shell.

Climate supervision is important, especially instruments like sprinklers to keep the soil moist. Protective pens that are pest proof are needed. Snails can be eaten or killed by lizards, birds and rodents. They are surprisingly mobile so keeping them safe and comfortable should be your number one preference.

The tool needed to farm snails include outdoor pens or indoor plastic tunnels for breeding. Climate control equipment like sprinklers and humidifiers is important, to maintain the temperature range from 16° to 24°C.

NIMC workers suspend strike to begin enrollment on Monday

 The staff of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), have  canceled the industrial action which they embarked on, on Thursday over poor allowances and the panic of exposure to COVID-19 spread in the agency.

One of the employees had told our reporter that the recent increase in the number of visitors at their office for enrollment of NIN had caused a lot of stress for them.

But they have now agreed to put the strike on hold after a meeting with the Federal Government, where it was decided that the demands of the employees would be addressed.

The President of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria, NIMC unit, Asekokhai Lucky, announced the suspension of the industrial action saying employees of the commission across the country will be called to resume work by Monday and continue with the enrolment of Nigerians for their National Identity Numbers.

The top 6 Billionaires in the world

Elon Musk’s net worth has presently passed $185bn (£136bn)
On 7 January 2021, it was confirmed that Tesla chief Elon Musk is the richest person on the planet.

The Spacex entrepreneur surpassed Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who had held the title of the world’s richest person since 2017.

But how much does Musk earn, and who are the nine other wealthiest people in the world? Here is the line up and how they earned their billions.

1. Elon Musk

$186Bn (£136Bn)

The Tesla founder has added his wealth by 548% in the past year, somewhat thanks to the US election.

The Democratic party led by Joe Biden is required to initiate a new green energy policy which would see the purchase of his electric cars soar.

Musk’s shares in Tesla added  by 4.8% on the morning of 7 January, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index.

This was sufficient to push him into first place, ahead of Amazon chief Jeff Bezos.

Musk is presently worth £1.5 billion more than Bezos, who had held the title since 2017.

Tesla’s top man tweeted in reference to the announcement: “how strange” followed by “back to work”.

He later added: “You should ask why I would need money. The purpose is not what you think. Very little time for leisure. Don’t have vacation homes or yachts or anything like that.”

He explained: “About half my wealth is intended to help problems on Earth & half to help create a self-sustaining city on Mars to ensure continuation of life (of all species) in case Earth gets hit by a meteor like the dinosaurs or WW3 happens & we destroy ourselves.” (how optimistic)

2. Jeff Bezos

$184Bn (£135Bn)

Founder, CEO, and president of the multinational technology company Amazon, Jeff Bezos was the wealthiest person for three years, after surpassing Bill Gates in 2017.

However, his divorce compensation in 2019 saw him separate with £38 billion.

This wasn’t enough to blow him off the top spot, however, with Amazon taking advantage of the lockdown of industries and shops in many countries, including the UK and USA.

Amazon reinvests money into businesses on its site, enabling for it to unfailingly lower prices as a means of fighting off competition.

Bezos famously said of his business approach: “You have to be willing to be misunderstood if you’re getting on to innovate.”

3. Bill Gates

$123Bn (£97Bn)

The Microsoft co-founder was almost always the wealthiest man in the world from 1995 to 2017 - overtaken only in 1997 by Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah and in 2008 by Warren Buffett.

However he now sits $5.2 billion below Bezos, while still retaining his place in the top 3.

In 2020, his charity, the Bill Gates Foundation, pledged $300 million to fighting the global coronavirus pandemic, including funding medication, detection and vaccines.

The Bill Gates Foundation is presently the biggest private philanthropy in the world.

The reason Gates no longer tops the billionaire’s list is partially due to giving away all but 1% of his Microsoft shares and stepping aside as the Board Director in March 2020.

It is also believed he has now contributed $35.8 billion to The Bill Gates Foundation.

4. Bernard Arnault

$106Bn (£77.9Bn)

The Frenchman is the wealthiest person in fashion, being Chairman and Chief Executive of Louis Vuitton SE, the world's biggest luxury goods company.

The 71-year-old is also an art investor and has been the wealthiest man in the world for two brief stints, in December 2019 and January 2020.

He also purchased Princess Yachts in 2008, for a reported 253 million euros.

5. Mark Zuckerberg

$100Bn (£73.5Bn)

The youngest billionaire on the list, Zuckerberg shot into  the levels thanks to his front-running social media platform, Facebook.

The 36-year-old established the platform in February 2004, while studying at Harvard University.

In 2007, he came to be the world’s youngest ever billionaire, aged just 23.

He now also owns shares in Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, some of the largest and fastest rising social media platforms in the world.

6. Zhong Shanshan

$91.7Bn (£67.4Bn)

Asia’s wealthiest man, businessman ShanShan, is worth a reported $91.7 billion. He chairs bottled water company, Nongfu Spring, and Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise, which makes hepatitis testing kits and vaccines.

Although no net worth is completely valid, the Chinese billionaire’s is  particularly impossible to calculate as he has only recently taken his pharmaceutica

Top prediction for coming ten years

 A lot can alter in ten years. Throughout the past decade, we’ve noticed the start of a new race to Mars, the commercial release of self-driving cars, and the initial photograph of a black hole. And over the following ten years, the modifications are going to be even more amazing.

These predictions aren’t messages brought to us from angels or ideas we’ve dragged out of a hat. They’re a collection of scientific and economic forecasts from some of the world’s governing experts and actual projects, already in headway by actual inventors.

They’re not just imaginations — they’re circumstances that very likely will occur over the another ten years; an initial account of what will be the ground-breaking periods of our future’s history.


Machines that can read your mind might  be like something from a distant, but if scientists fulfill their intended plan, we should start noticing the first telepathic devices declared openly within the next 12 months.

That’s the deadline a company of Japanese scientists set back in 2010 when they first published their plan to release machines that can read your mind and turn your thoughts into text messages.

Before then, scientists have already prepared some tremendous breakthroughs. A team of Japanese scientists has already invented technology that can decode brain activity to create rough images from people’s feelings. Meanwhile, scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have already created a device that looks at brain signals and uses them to read the thoughts in your mind — and they claim it’s accurate 87% of the time.

It’ll likely be several years before mass-marketed telepathic products are on the shelves of your local Wal-Mart, but as the experimenters laboring on this technology wrap up the first level of their work next year, expect to hear about some incredible breakthroughs that, distant down the road, will lead to inventions that will change our lives.


Self-driving cars have already strike the market, but they’re scarcely universal. Today, owning a car that can drive you to work is usually a luxury reserved for the wealthy few — but all that’s running to alter in 2021.

That’s the year the Chinese corporation Baidu plans to disclose a mass-produced fleet of self-driving vehicles to fill the streets of Beijing and Shanghai. And if China’s achievement with electric cars is any evidence, we can trust on seeing them adopted there a whole lot earlier than they have been in the West.

Absent of that pesky democracy and freedom in its way, China’s been prepared to make buying electric cars nearly a necessity. In China’s largest cities, anyone buying a gas-powered car has to pay about $14,000 USD for a license plate, all but forcing citizens to buy electric — and, as a result, about 60% of global electric car sales are presently sold in China.

If Baidu gets the Chinese government’s support, we can predict their fleet of self-driving cars to start seeing widespread adoption — and with it, we’ll start seeing the first steps toward driverless cities in 2021.


In 2022, Eviation Aircraft intends on releasing the world’s first fully-electric commercial airliner.

This one isn’t even a sci-fi idea anymore. Aircraft has already been disclosed to the world, and it’s not even the first of its type. One team of pilots has already circled the world an electric plane. But in 2022, we’re going to start seeing zero-emissions, electric airplanes charged with solar panels fulfill a real option for every flight we take.

Norway has already committed to using those electric-powered airplane by 2023 and schedules on having the world’s first airport that is fully self-sufficient on renewable energy sources by 2025.

The aircraft of the future might even be inexpensive. Eviation Aircraft is expecting that their electric planes will only have to expend $8 for enough energy to travel 100 miles — compared to the $400 of fuel required for a gas-guzzling aircraft to make the same trip.


We’re in the center of the extended economic expansion in American history, but the nice times can’t last always. Shortly or later, there’s going to have to be another recession. And if the Global Business Policy Council is right, the toughest days are going to hit us in 2023.

They’ve forecasted that we’re going to begin seeing economic growth slow and that it’s not taking off to pick up again until after 2023. As that occurs, our growing debt is going to become a huger and bigger risk for the global economy, and we’ll start seeing nations with emerging markets defaulting on their deficits.

This recession, though, isn’t just taking off to be a global slow-down — it’s going to be a shake-up. East Asia is expected to get through this one relatively unscathed, which could imply that we’re going to see India, Vietnam, the Philippines, and even China — whom they predict will survive the trade war — boom ahead as the West lags.


2024 will be the year we put a man on Mars. It’s the year that Elon Musk’s Space X project plans on sending its first rockets to Mars, and there’s every reason to acknowledge that even if he doesn’t pull it off, somebody will.

It’s just an issue of distance. In 2024, the orbits of Earth and Mars will be aligned in a way that authorizes for the simplest possible interplanetary voyage, so you can be sure that anyone with their sights on Mars is going to take that chance.

But expect the first ship on Mars to be possessed by a private company. The boldest mission NASA has declared openly for 2024 is a manned mission to the moon — meaning that we can expect corporations to beat the government to third planet by a long shot.


In 2013, the US government declared openly the BRAIN Initiative: a plan to map out and understand the activity inside of the human brain by the year 2025.

When the project arrives its final year, the scientists involved will be beyond analysis and will be putting the last touches on applications that use what they’ve learned about the human mind to use.

It’s expected that the research will enable us to scan a human brain and recognize mental health issues like PTSD and depression, and — if things go well — they may even allow neuroscientists to fix them. Instead of talking to a therapist or loading yourself up on drugs, scientists may have a strong enough understanding of the neuroscience behind mental health to rewire your brain and fix your depression.

That’s an optimistic forecast — but realistically, scientists expect to be able to measure levels of PTSD and addiction by scanning the human brain by the year 2025. And that study could open up a whole new era of technology as we attain new levels of understanding of the machinery of the human mind.


Cardiovascular disease is still the leading cause of death in the United States. More than any other disease, it keeps our lifespans in review. No matter how much misfortune we avoid, we can’t avoid our aging hearts — or, at least, we won’t be able to until 2026.

That’s when the Harvard Stem Cell Institute expects to complete clinical attempts on their research into reversing the aging of the human heart. They’ve identified a protein that, when inserted into aging mice, can decrease the thickening of the walls of their hearts.

They’re intending on moving into human testing quickly and, by 2026, should have completed clinical examinations. If they’re successful, we may be able to heal one of the tremendous barriers to human immortality.

Futurist Ray Kurzweil has long forecasted that, by 2029, improvements in medical technology will be able to add a year to our life expectancy every year. If this study works, he just might be proven right.


The world is going through an extraordinary change right now. There are developing countries that are growing at such an alarming rate that it looks like like just a matter of time before we see a major shift in the global balance of power.

According to Goldman Sachs, it’s unavoidable — and it’s going to occur between 2026 and 2027.

By 2026, they predict that China will overtake the United States as the world’s biggest economy. But the change in power won’t end with China. The other major arising markets are coming with them.

By 2027, they believe, the BRICs countries — Brazil, Russia, India, and China — will have a higher joint GDP than the G7 nations – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

For the first time since the rise of Egypt, we’ll see the equilibrium of global power start to shift away from the Western hemisphere — a modification that could affect the destiny of the entire human race.


Jurassic Park isn’t going to be science fiction forever. By 2028, scientists acknowledge that they’ll have the capacity to revive extinct species.

We’ll probably have to wait a bit longer than 2028 before we can get back velociraptors and tyrannosaurus rexes, but improvements in cloning and genetic engineering should enable us to bring back recently extinct animals like the dodo.

Scientists are already working on various different approaches to de-extinction. Some are trying to use the genetic substance of extinct animals to make an exact clone, while others are using selective breeding or genetic tweaks to try to duplicate them from their nearest living relatives.

At first, we’ll possibly just see a few dodos and Tasmanian tigers in zoos, but down the road, this technology could lead to some even more extraordinary accomplishments. This’ll unlock the door to the rebirth of prehistoric creatures — and probably even neanderthals and early humans.


At the end of 2029, the human population is expected to attain 8.5 billion people — and when that happens, we’re going to have a whole new set of troubles.

The end of the ‘20s, some scientists speculate, is going to mark a new change in human preferences. By then, we’re going to need 50% more food and energy than we do today and 30% additional fresh water. And when our most crucial resources become insufficient, it’s going to send humanity to crisis point.
Lack of food and water is going to come to be a very real problem — and in 2029, humanity’s going to start to understand just how big of a problem it is.

“There’s not going to be an exact collapse,” forecasts UK Scientific Adviser John Beddington, “but things will start bringing really worrying if we don’t tackle these problems.”

If they aren’t dealt with, the next new decade could drive to a new era of global wars, as nations begin to go to war over farmland and water. Unless something alters our course, the years 2030 to 2039 will be the dawn of an era of war.


How to get a federal grant for your business

There are hundreds of grant projects within the government organized through the grant-making organizations. These projects are broken down into over two-dozen categories ranging from agriculture to housing and community development .

However, as you can probably realize, the system of getting grants authorized by the government is a long and involved one. Due to that, there are only a few of grant types approved by the government.

1. Conditional (or categorical) grants

The vast majority of grants given by the government fall under this category. These grants are conditional because they have specifically defined goals. A grant that must be used by the Department of Transportation for highway development after a natural disaster would be one illustration.

2. Block grants
These grants normally cover large chunks — or blocks — of allocation sent from the federal government to local and state governments. Usually, block grants have a much broader general purpose and are aimed at  helping the local neighborhood.

3. Earmark grants
These grants are appropriated into the budget each year by Congress and designated for specific reasons.

How to get a federal grant for your business

Receiving a grant for your business takes organization and patience. You’ll often be driving against similar businesses, so you want to do what you can to expand your opportunities.

Here are the basics of the application process:

1. Do your pre-application study

Before you apply for any federal grant, make sure you are grant-ready. That means having a proposal in mind, knowing how much funding you desire, creating a list of grants that match your needs, and ensuring you qualify.

While it may be tempting to apply for anything and everything out there, the fact is you want to look for a narrow list of grants that drop into your wheelhouse. For instance, if you’re an individual business owner, it might make sense to concentrate on government grants for people versus those that will attract much bigger companies.

Applying for grants is a time-consuming system that can always take weeks, if not months. Any preparation you do to get yourself ready is going to help you stay earlier of the curve.

2. Go to
Once you’re ready to begin digging into the grants available, your best first stop is It is a searchable database that lists all of the chances from the 26 federal grant-making agencies.

The main inquiry page of the database. is one-stop shopping for finding all the presently available grants offered by the federal government. Source:

At any given time, it will have hundreds or thousands of chances listed. You can check and sort by eligibility, type, and agency.

3. Create your application and examine everything twice
As you create your application, it’s crucial to pursue directions. Grants from the government usually come with many hoops to jump through and a long list of qualifications and laws. Miss any of those in your application and you will not get the help of the doubt; you’ll have to re-submit or start over.

This part of the process is also where you want to establish a grant proposal that shines. It will be the meat of your application where you will want to highligh  your business objectives, how you plan to use the funds, and how you will pursue everything.

Once you complete your application, submit it before the deadline.

5 best methods when applying for a federal grant
Grants commonly involve a lot of paperwork and are time-consuming, so getting focused and having a plan can come in handy. Otherwise, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not apply to anything at all.

Here are some tips to enable you start.

1. Get organized
The more organized and detail-oriented you can be at the beginning of the process, the better. It will help you assure you have all the documents you need and you meet your deadlines.

2. Ask around
Never discount your network as a potential resource for data on grants and funding. You might find somebody in a professional organization you belong to has had achievement with federal grants. Reach out to pick their brain for guidance.

3. Look for specialty grants
These grants are often little in number, but you might find grants that you qualify for over others if you have an unusual skillset or are from a historically underrepresented organization. Keep an eye out for them.

4. Remember the grantor’s preferences
One of the nicest ways to stand out with your application is to align the granting organization’s preferences with your objectives for using the funds.

5. Take advantages of government reserves
The SBA has a ton of free resources for small business owners, including strategies, degrees, and guides to help you find and apply for grants.

Now you’re willing — go forth and find your federal grants
Hopefully, you feel a bit more knowledgeable with the process of applying for federal grants. While it can feel like a frustrating process at the time, being given a grant and helping your community is often worth it in the end.

There are millions of dollars accessible in funds for small enterprises just like yours; all you have to do is go out and receive it

15 countries that grant citizenship by marriage

Considerating of settling down in one of those countries you used to wish about, and you’re finding it impossible on how to live and work in that country lawfully, relax and let me tell you about 15 countries that grant citizenship by marriage, you have the right to select one of them by truly being in a genuine love relationship with one of their citizen. By doing so you’ve killed two birds with one stone. The choice is absolutely yours.

Although it’s not encouraged and reasonable to go for a marriage of convenience but having a second passport or being a citizen of a nation that authorizes dual citizenship is the wisest way of touring the world for those that love the adventure particularly business travellers.

This wonderful Central European country popularly called Holland that is an ambition to reside and work permanently permits citizenship by marriage.
It is a notable fact that if you’re settling anywhere in the Netherlands you may not like to leave, due to friendly and civilized society you met in your daily businesses.
If you’re living and working in The Netherlands qualifications in acquiring the country’s citizenship commonly take a duration of 5 years minimum. Though, the regulations are relaxed if you married a Netherlands citizen.
If you reside with your lover for a fixed period of 3 years you’re automatically entitled to apply for citizenship. If you married a Netherlands citizen it doesn’t count if you reside or stay outside the country, as long as you stay together with your partner during the period you’re entitled to apply.

Arguably, the most sought after nation for relocation by young people concentrating on Europe. Everyone wishes to get there and stay but the immigration policy is somehow very strict. The best way for a person yet to marry or divorces is to pay a visit to Germany and inquire for a lovely German person, make a proposal and you’re on your path to become a German citizen due to the facts that German constitution authorizes citizenship by marriage.
Part of the hurdle you have to scale after marriage is to be outstanding in learning German which is a vital condition for citizenship, and live lawfully in Germany with your spouse for a duration of 3 years, then placed in your application for citizenship.
There is a system in place for you to enrol for German for free, to crown it all, you will be earning monetary income while learning the language.

A country found in northwestern South America. Statistically, Colombia is the 28th most populous nation in the world. In Latin America after Brazil, Colombia is the best place lovers can fulfill their dream because Colombia permits citizenship by marriage with a friendly processing method.
Attaining citizenship by living and working or the investment choice may take a duration of 5 to 10 years to process, however, if you wedded a Colombian you can obtain the citizenship in just 2 years of marriage and staying in Colombia.
The icy on the cake is that you’re free to visit to many countries of the world visa-free. After several years of civil dispute, Colombia is now friendly and a place for lovers.

Belize is an English-speaking country positioned in North Central America on the Caribbean coast. A small country that pegged her currency to the United States dollars, is an area where people digging for love wish to go due to the facts that Belize allows citizenship by marriage with a vital passport that allows the holder visa-free entry to many attractive countries.
Under normal situations, a foreigner must reside in Belize for at least 5 years to apply for permanent resident and obtain citizenship. However, if you’re fortunate to be married to a Belize citizen you’re free to apply for citizenship after living for a year because your marriage to a Belize citizen is automatic to give you residency status.


A former Soviet Socialist Republic territory, Ukraine is a big country situated  in Eastern Europe, is a country that recognised citizenship by marriage. If you are prepared to marry a Ukrainian and you’re being living together for more than 2 years you are free to apply for citizenship.
Citizenship by marriage in Ukraine is so famous that it’s possible to inquiry for semi-legal entities specialized in matchmaking and relating guys with potential spouses provided you can pay for the service.
The only disadvantage in the obtainment of Ukrainian citizenship is that she doesn’t allow dual citizenship. On the other hand, as a Ukrainian passport owner, you have the right of visiting  many countries visa-free.

The biggest country in South America and the fifth-largest nation in the world gives you the fast means to citizenship as a foreigner if you are lawfully married to a Brazilian citizen. Unlike several other nations in which you wasted years in the qualification processes, in Brazil if you’re married to a Brazilian you could be approved of citizenship within one year of your love affair.
This is far reasonably and faster than the investment and permanent citizen options which enables the foreigner to apply after 4 years of uninterrupted residency, having a partner allows you citizenship one year of continuous staying in Brazil.

A country found in North America, neighbouring United States, Guatemala and Belize, is an area where having a Mexican citizen as the spouse is a big benefit.
Foremost, you’re authorized to apply for citizenship after two years of living with your wife or husband in Mexico.
Secondly, you’re entitled for Mexican Passport which enables you visa-free entry into more than 134 countries. 

A country situated on the Iberian peninsula, neighbouring Morocco, Gibraltar, Portugal, Andorra and France in southwestern Europe is one of a developed country that permits a foreigner who fell in love and married Spanish citizen to come to be a naturalized citizen.
The fastest way to become a Spanish citizenship is by marriage. If you married one of their citizens, live and pay your tax for just one year, you’re automatically entitled to apply for citizenship which under normal conditions can take four years or more to mature. Speaking Spanish is not a requirement but love.


This island country situated in the Mediterranean Sea, South of Sicily, Italy and a member of the European Union is another country that authorizes citizenship by marriage. A few years back just around the year 2000, as soon as you engaged or married a Maltese you’re allowed to apply for citizenship, however, due to fraudulent habits by some people and the high need for Maltese citizenship, presently, if you’re qualified to apply you must wait for at least five years before going  for Maltese citizenship.
The citizenship by marriage could be processed by submitting ( the 2 parties)
1. Wedding certificate
2. Birth certificate
3. Identity card
4. Date and place or registry department where the marriage was conducted.
5. Name of the presiding officer.
6. Name of witnesses to the marriage.

This island country off the coast of West Africa presents a lover that married her citizen one of the quickest citizenship in the world.
As quickly as you married, you are free to apply for citizenship and you are entitled for one of the most influential passports in the earth, you’re free to travel and enter very many countries you’ve been wishing about for so long without the necessity to obtain a visa to enter.
The usual application for citizenship starts after 5 years of being a legitimate resident of Cape Verde, however, if you are able to locate somebody to marry in this small island country you can apply instantly. Inquire and find love is all you need. How you go about it, the duty is yours.

A South Western European country situated on the Atlantic Coast of the Iberian peninsula and a member of the European Union is a country where citizenship by marriage is practised and fast-tracked.
In natural circumstances obtaining Portuguese citizenship take a long time and procedures. A lawfully resident foreigner wish to reside in the country for six years, but if you are in love with a Portuguese and you married  someone you can start the citizenship application instantly. What are you waiting for, proceed to Portugal and hunt for a genuine love you’re on your route to be a member of the European Union.

A landlocked and mountainous country positioned in South-Central Europe. This developed nation is another country that permits citizenship by marriage.
If you don’t mind the cost of living in Switzerland which is higher than most advanced countries, go there and be in love and marry a Swiss citizen you will succeed from a simplified naturalization system.
Processing a Switzerland citizenship through working or residence permit could be very tiresome and take a longer time, however, citizenship by marriage expected a minimum of five years.
You’re entitled if you have been residing legally for five years and married a Switzerland citizen for 3 years.
Unlike in some close countries where understanding the dialect is a basic requirement, in Switzerland love is all you need to be a Swiss citizen, not the language for a Swiss mate.

13. FIJI
This large island country located in the continent of Oceania, exactly in the South Pacific Ocean allows citizenship by marriage.
If you’re in love and married to a Fijian you’re free to apply for citizenship. On situation that you have lawfully lived in the country for 3 years and you have married for 5 years.
If you want a second passport that certifies you to travel visa-free and has easy admission into those crucial nations of the world, go to Fiji Islands and be in love with a Fijian, settle down, in no time you’re on your way to a favorable life, and free to explore the world visa free admission.

This country found on the west coast of Africa authorizes citizenship by marriage. If you’re really in love with a Ghanaian, married the person and staying lawfully in Ghana you can apply for citizenship.
While the natural application for citizenship may be longer to get acceptance, citizenship by marriage is quicker, a partner of Ghanaian citizen can commence the application process after a few years of marriage. The quickest way to be a Ghanaian is to marry a Ghanaian citizen. You better go for it. The icy on the cake is that you have no language barrier in that most Ghanaian citizens do speak and understand English, even in rural areas.

A coaster country situated in South East Asia permits citizenship by marriage. In normal conditions acquiring Cambodia citizenship is very difficult and take a long time. However, for somebody in love and married a Cambodian citizen the qualification years is drastically decreased.
If you’re residing and working in Cambodia lawfully, you have to stay for at least seven years and pass a language proficiency test before  applying for citizenship. But for a loving person, you only need 3 years to qualified for application for citizenship. Fortunate you. Cambodia is waiting for you lover guys.

List of states in Nigeria that ban crossover servoce due to covid 19

It's necessary to note that some states have restricted the 
church programs that carries many into the new year.
List of states in Nigeria that banned cross over service due to COVID 19 situation 
You can find below a record of the various states that have imposed and ordered a prohibit on “Cross Over” Service throughout the state.

1. Ondo State:

The Ondo state government has ban all-night crossover service in all of its 18 local government. The state   governments even organized half operations of activities of public activities on clubs, hotels, departmental stores, supermarkets and evencenterses.

They warned that every citizen of the state should observe Covid-19 protocols.

Also, the mandatory method of Face Masks at public places to avoid the spread of the ravaging coronavirus epidemic.

The government recommended any activities that   comprised of physical attendance should be reconsidered to change the actual version.

Ondo state government also added there will be three (3) months imprisonment or N20,000 fine or both for wrongdoer of the law and guidelines.

2. Osun State:

On 28th December 2020, the Osun State Government ordered ban on cross-over service as a bid to decrease the spread of the ravaging coronavirus epidemic.

It says it will not allow countdown to New Year ceremonies and cross-over nights by spiritual bodies and groups during the New Year Eve.

They have even enforced the state security operatives to take action and to ensure there’s no form of social gathering in the state.

Osun State Government has pleaded to the citizens to cut down on social gatherings, including weddings, naming ceremonies, to curtail the spate of exposure and connection with an infected person.

3.Ogun State:

The Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, in the same vein has declared openly the suspension of street carnivals, and restricted attendance to cross-over services, parties, and similar meetings.

The directives were issued on Wednesday after a discussion between the state government and religious leaders, as well as community leaders.

He further added on Wednesday that all markets are to open exactly  form 8 am and 4 pm as well as maintaining social distancing.

4.Lagos State:

The Lagos State Government did not carry last in this decision making. Gov. Sanwo-Olu on 25th December 2020 authorized worshipers to suspend all-night services, including vigils and crossover events throughout the state.

He assured citizens that the curfew imposed between midnight and 4 am will be strictly enforced.

Governor Sanwo-Olu further added that urges religious leaders to assure their followers examine the protocols implemented to curb the spread of the ravaging coronavirus.

5.Kwara State:

The state of Harmony, Kwara State Government has required partial lockdown on the state.

The government authorized curfew in the state from midnight t4:30 am till further notice.

Some of the guidelines set are mandatory use of face masks in public places, while clubs, concert, Carnivals are banned till further notice, they added that no worshiper must allow congregations exceeding 50% of the maximum capacity for the venue to allow for proper social distancing.

Civil servants are to work from home, hence, virtual meetings are being encouraged.

6 Federal Government Territory (FCT):

Likewise, the federal government territory chairman, Malam Bello has decreed that all bars, restaurants, leisure garden, and event centers should be shut for five (5) weeks.

He ordered not more than 50% members for all kind of social meetings like festival events, congresses, concerts, sporting activities, seminars should hold.

violators will be sued through the mobile courts’ system.

8.Plateau State:

The Plateau state government on Wednesday says there was no agenda to lock down the state over the second wave of COVID-19.

Atu said, “The state government is working with security agents to be more proactive rather than reactive.”

He  insistedsst that everyone should use  face mask  in all public places.

Hence, Cross over can still hold, but not more than 50% members.

9.Ekiti State:

Ekiti State Government has also joined the league. The state government announced the new regulations to curtail the spread of coronavirus in the state.

Governor Fayemi reveals that the government is very disturbed with the daily increasing figure of infected citizens and economic well-being.

he said, included hand washing, use of hand sanitizers, observation of the approved social distance and to allow only half of the sitting capacity of the church to participate in the service.

However, the task force and law enforcement agents are to begin aggressive compliance enforcement actions in public places, including worship centers, even centers, markets, supermarkets, bars, and hotels on Wednesday.

10.Edo State:

Edo State Government has announced the reintroduction of restrictions and reactivation of disease surveillance and management protocols to prevent the widespread of coronavirus.

The state had adjusted its curfew to begin from 12 midnight to 4 am daily, beginning from December 23, except on December 31, 2020

Governor Obaseki said, “Wearing of facemask is mandatory in public places; there should be a severe reduction several of people attending religious, political and social gatherings in one place; people are advised not to patronize or enter any public facility without hand wash spot, provided with soap and running water.”