Nysc: A youth corper gave conditions to serve in Northern parts of Nigeeria

A Corps member rejects to serve in the northern part of Nigeria 

A corps member who identified himself as, Abibo Dantu from river state gave conditions to serve in Northern parts of his country, Nigeria.
Abibo who spoke to our agent says,
"It surprises me when some graduates agree to embark on a very risk adventure in the name of serving Nigeria. The question is, what has the government done for you or your people that worth a sacrifice of your life? It is no news that northern part of Nigeria is not ideal place for strangers most especially the youth corpers. It can also be recall that large numbers of young graduates have lost their precious lives while serving in the north. This is time to call a spade a spade, and not a digger. How many of our senators, ministers, governors’ children serve Nigeria as corper let alone serving in the north? How many of them have lost their lives serving Nigeria? Are their lives better than the masses lives? Why should Boko haram kill me? Why should I die under the daggers of Fulani herds men", he questioned.
"Obviously, no need for one to take this risk adventure, if I must serve Nigeria must it be in the northern state or in other states where security has been compromised, the federal government have to meet my condition". 
When being asked of the conditions, his statements are as bellow.
For me to serve in any of the northern states, the Federal Government must provide the following:
1. Security guards that will be guarding me 24 hours; 5 police men (men of DSS) and 5 soldiers, must be heavily armed as if they are going to war.
2. Long sleeve bulletproof shirt and one trouser must be bulletproof.
3. Bomb detector machine or robot.
4. One Tank or armoured vehicle.
5. Air force will be flying jets like butterfly, day and night.
6. The must give me a bomber shelter room, that is where I will sleeping, day and night.
" I will have no reason to disagree in giving my country my service if the government met those conditions". He said

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