Brutality: How Hausa Corper flogs an Igbo Student to Coma ... This will shock you

An Hausa corper flogs an Igbo student to coma becouse he wrote "Biafra Boy" at the back of his maths texbook.
This happened in Nkpor, Anambra state.
Some residents in Nkpor who reacted on the incident described it as an height of 'intimidation'.
A woman identified herself as Charity Olisah said there was no way they will take it lightly with the corper.
Another resident who spoke on the condition of anonymity pointed out that an occurrence of such will never happen in the North.
This act promotes ethnic hatred. What happened to freedom of expression? Although a youth corps member is more like a symbol of unity in the nation, punishing a boy this way for a flimsy reason will only end up creating hatred and disunity. I hope this fire is stopped before it gets out of hand.

Speaking on the incident a bussiness marchent in Nkpor, Emeka Ndu said that the corper should be thankful to God because Igbo are known dominated by Christians who do not shed human blood unlike Muslims that feed on blood. “If it where in the North, the principal and the corper would have been burnt alive by now. But they should be thankful that Christianity does not accept shedding of innocent blood, unlike Islam".

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