How British Govt. Extort Money from Poor Nigerians ... This will shock you

There are many crook ways the British govt extorts Nigerians. I am writing this article because the Nigerian govt is totally mute on the matter and have not publicly condemned the frivolous act by Britain. What have we done wrong to deserve such maltreatment by the foreign giant. No wonder why they pounce on Igbo during the civil war, just to keep Nigeria together for their own selfish interest.
Before I go into details, I would like to made known that colonialism is one of the British biggest characters. Britain colonizes Nigeria and other African countries, as well as some western countries including the United State.
What does it mean to colonize?
Colonization simply means to take possession of something that belongs to another person, by fire and by force.

Nigeria is not an independent country yet, everything in Nigeria is still under British control, despite the fact that Nigeria have celebrated over 50 years of independence. British govt are manipulative and are continuously extorts from poor Nigerians citizens, using the money from her various extortion to enriches her country at the the detriment of Nigerians. Nigeria of today would have been a singing country if not because British modernization of their colonial tactics against Nigeria. Nigerians are still under British colonialism, but by proxy (Britain is ruling Nigerians using gullible Nigerian politicians who only care for themselves and their families) …
Now I will be introducing one of the many ways British govt. directly extorts money from Nigerian citizens.
Note: There are many other bigger ways, but today, we shall focus on one of them.

What is IELTS?
IELTS is a test on English language proficiency or skill conducts in Nigeria and other parts of the world by the British govt. Britain conducts this test across six states in Nigeria, and it is, four times in one month. The test takes places in these six selected states in Nigeria: Abuja, Lagos, Enugu, Port-harcourt, Benin and Ibadan. The test cost ₦68,000 plus other fees and the certificate so obtained is valid for only two years. The payment can only be made via bank draft. Visit for more details.
IELTS is a compulsory requirement for those intend to travel outside Nigeria for academic purpose. Without IELTS, one would not qualify to study abroad. It is a basic requirement for admission and visa application.
Here are my points
1. Nigeria is being regards as an English speaking country. English language has become official language in Nigeria. Therefore, such test should not be required from Nigerian citizen especially those who have completed higher education in Nigeria.
2. There are other examination bodies in Nigeria which test use of English such as JAMB, WAEC, NECO, GCE and others, why won’t these exams be taking to be IELTS equivalents?
3. Why should IELTS cost ₦68,000 in Nigeria instead of ₦5,000 or less.

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