Three Solutions To The Nigerian Economic Crisis that Economists don't know

Nigeria is no longer into Economic Crisis, it is an understatement to say that; we have since, passed that stage, because this thing is stage by stage. What Nigerians are currently into is ‘Economic War’. Come to think of this, in the olden days Nigerian economy was so buoyant. The time when $1 was equivalent to ₦1.1 . In those days everybody was happy, there were foods, jobs even for those with only primary school cert and none. Graduates, is that companies apply to them, they are not the one to apply but companies apply to have them. That was in good olden days. Agriculture was the major source of national income and Nigerians were under colonial masters. We seek for independence never knew it was plot for gullible Nigerian politicians to enslave the masses
This enslavement started from the military take over. Observe that some of the wicked military personnel that ruled Nigerians into wilderness are still those at the top of government affairs today as rulers. When would the youths take over the government as the so called leaders of tomorrow, or could it be that tomorrow is yet to come?
How many American citizens are in Nigeria and how many Nigerian citizens are in American? Or Let us just generalize it by putting it this way, how many foreigner are in Nigeria and how many Nigerians are in foreign countries? With common sense, you can see that the number of Nigerians that are surviving outside Nigeria transcend  the number of foreigners that survive in Nigeria; that is, if there is any foreigner that come to Nigeria to survive.
If all the Nigerians in Diaspora should quit their jobs to come back and stay in Nigeria, I think what we should be talking about then is Economic Death.
Why is Nigeria becoming worse day by day? This shows the evidence of the political thieves we have that channel the national resources into personal use.
Now, take a look at the current president of Nigeria, Buhari, who claims to be fighting corruption in the government, while at the same time he surrounds himself with corrupt politicians, and he himself is the father of corruption in Nigeria. My question now is, can demon cast out demons?
Look at the person of Rochas Okorocha who has sold out his birth right. In him can we say we have leader?
I believe the problem of Nigeria can be solved either any of these three methods:
1. Let Nigeria should surrender her independence and go back to colonial era when foreign power rule them. Foreigners can do better as they have done before.

2. Disintegration: Nigeria should let Biafra go. There is no way we can progress in the absence of peace and unity, and peace and unity is what we can never achieve in this country. Marriage that cannot work are better separate.

3. Revolution: Youths should plan and carry out serious revolution. Let them sacrifice those that  have keyed into Nigerian wealth and refuse to be satisfied.

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