French man was arrested in Sambisa forest, Boko Haram camp

The Nigerian soldiers captured a mysterious white man during last week’s storming of Boko Haram’s headquarters in the Sambisa Forest.
According to the military, the White man is a Franch man.
He was said to be working for Boko Haram as a specialist in repairing and unlocking armored vehicles and other fighting equipment. He was arrested along the Bama axis of the Sambisa forest and agreed to give vital information, provided he would be spared.
 “I learnt that he is from France but authorities do not want to make his real identity known for diplomatic reasons …they don’t want to jeopardize the success recorded”, said by an anonymous soldier.
Meanwhile, another source said the man is from Western Europe and he is actually a Frenchman.

On the issue of the white man, the Federal Government and military authorities have refused to disclose the full identity of the man for diplomatic reasons.
Soldiers who took part in the operation had revealed the arrest last weeks and that the man was providing “credible information” to military authorities.
The military operation has led to the recovery of Sambisa Forest from the insurgents, and the military high command is said to worried that some of the things expected to be recovered at Camp Zairo were not found.
An officer said that Boko Haram might have moved away from the camp to somewhere with their equipments, including some Chibok girls. “It is likely they are somewhere because they moved away with their equipment and prized possessions, including the Chibok girls in possession of Shekau group,” according to the officer.

Among the missing possessions were also some of the Chibok school girls with the Mamman Nur faction, led by Abu Musab Al-Barnawi, son of the group’s late Mohammed Yusuf.

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