A child going through hell in the midst of humanity - Bube

How can you convince a young homeless Orphan going through hell on earth of the existence of a mighty God when all of Society doesn't care...? Young Victor ‘Ginikanwa’ from Isikwuato, Abia State has been battling with a very terrible sore in his ankle for over two years now ... two Good years!
How did this happen? Losing his parents back 2006, young Victor as the only issue had to find a way to fend for himself when all relatives failed him..
. He was surviving as a Bus Conductor here in Enugu till the accident struck; he fell off with the vehicle's door and crashed mercilessly. He was treated for a day by his boss (the driver) and was neglected and rejected. The sore at the ankle couldn't get the required attention and like play like play turned to this terrible thing to look at... He's been battling for 2years! Homeless, hungry, depressed, angry, rejected and neglected!

Please people, this is why this need to be sheared , This boy asked me yesterday when we met "Why do people say an Almighty God Exists" I do not have the answer and he has every reason to ask... I am NOT here to ask for MONEY.. This case is too foreign to me and I don't want me and my team mates to go through the pain, torments and torture we went through at a Teaching Hospital during the young ‘Chinedu's case... I have taken this boy to Pharmacies around and none agreed to even take a look at his sore...

We need specialist who can treat this. The money won't be a problem, I just need a solution to this that is not a Teaching Hospital as fast as I can...This boy is in great pains!
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Written by: Bube

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