The heartless of staff of Ikorodu General Hospital

Incompetent, careless, callous and apathetic simply describes the Staff in the Dental Department of Ikorodu General Hospital.
On Monday, February 27, I took my little sister to Ikorodu General Hospital over a dental issue that has deprived her of concentration on her studies, to be examined by people employed and are being paid with tax payers’ money to use their skills toward bringing ease to those in health distress.

After arriving at the hospital, the young girl was examined by one of the doctors, a female, and we were asked to come for an X-ray by 9:00am the next day to determine the extent of the damage caused to the tooth before proper and suiting treatment could commence.
The next day, February 28, we arrived at the hospital at the scheduled time, hoping to get the X-ray done in the fastest possible way to at least heave the young girl a sigh of relieve, but unknown to us, our arrival was just the beginning of the most unexpected news that was to be broken. Sitting expectantly on one of the long benches provided, a young man whom I met the preceding day asked for a Patient Medical Card that we were given the previous day, and I presented the card to him. After some minutes of silence, 20 to 30 minutes perhaps, I approached him to ask why he hasn’t say a word and he proudly told me our card couldn’t be found in the department’s records.
Stunned at how a patient’s card, without which no treatment can be given , has gone missing from a whole department’s records in less than 24-hours, I decided to seek the attention of the department’s Record Keeper to see if what we have been told was true. Standing close to me was a frail-looking man who introduced himself as the department’s Record Keeper. That, he did without including his name. While he attempted speaking with me, the stench odour of alcohol oozing from his mouth and nostrils as early as between 9-10am left a lot to be desired of a man employed to attend to people in need of medical attention in a hospital as big and iconic as the Ikorodu General Hospital. Visibly shaking while trying to explain what had happened, he gathered himself and told me nothing different from what I had been told earlier: the card had been truly lost. It was at this point that the acclaimed Record Keeper decided to issue us another card at about 12:00pm, promising that we will be attended to.
While all the drama was going on, the little girl was left sitting on the bench in pains with a swollen upper lip, and no hope of an imminent solution to her plight. Running out of patient, I went in to the office where she was examined the previous day to register a complaint. The doctor, after giving me audience, wrote on the newly issued card and passed it to the other staff whose designation I don’t know, telling me that I should wait outside to be called in for the X-ray. While waiting outside, another shocker arose when one male doctor, young and light in complexion, was told to do the X-ray and he refused, telling them that the X-ray be postponed till Thursday, March 2. At this point, the language of conversation has been switched from English to Yoruba, but unfortunately for them, I understood that quite well.
Dazed by their obvious unprofessionalism and lack of sympathy for a young girl, denied of her studies by ill health and in pains, I made my much controlled anger known to the people in the Dental Department and beyond but nothing was done to alleviate the burden of pains in the young girl except for some irrational pleas. Even a woman who was addressed as the HOD didn't utter a word after she had asked and had been told what happened.
Till we left the Ikorodu General Hospital in anger at about 1:00pm, nothing was done to show that the staffs are truly there to “take health care service to its zenith” as their vision statement claims. They are so fast in selling their drinks to patients and their relatives. They are so good in engaging in discussions that has no bearing on their official duties.A look at the neatness of the refrigerator in which they ice their drinks shows that they value their business more than a human life. How has these appalling people found their ways to a government hospital, how? We don't deserve these people, not in any capacity. They should have no business being in a hospital but their farms, or any other places they choose to be.
The confidence with which this dangerous misconduct was executed made me wonder where the hope of a better Nigeria lies.
On this note, the attention of the Lagos State governor, His Excellency, Akinwunmi Ambode, and the Commissioner for Health, Dr Jide Idris, are hereby drawn to this wicked and unethical attitude of the Staffs of Ikorodu General Hospital’s Dental Department. As a government elected to serve the interest of the people, I call on the governor and all concerned authorities to investigate these people and take swift action against them to serve as a deterrent. Life is too important to be played with, as has been done to this young girl.
I speak not for just this one particular case but for many other people who have suffered the same embarrassment in the hands of these people. These are the same people that would be in the streets protesting if there is a one day delay in the payment of their salaries yet, they have abandoned their official duties. With what had played out, even if this young girl was in a critical condition, I believe nothing much would have changed.
All concerned authorities reading this should know that every life, irrespective of background and status, must be protected and be treated with dignity. Anything short of that is a failure on the side of the government.
To all Nigerians reading this, it is time to stop protecting those who are paid to serve you but have refused to do their job. As slim as your chances of being heard are, make a statement to show your displeasure.
A threat to one's health is a threat to everybody. The people you don't want to see lose their jobs are the same people who want you dead.
Please share until it get to the authorities.