Final year project, writing tips

It is known that the most difficult part of writing final year project begins right after your project topic has been approved.
Below are final year project writing tips:
  • Study background: Here, you should discuss the need for your study, the objective of writing it and its relevance by linking the main variables together in a clear terms.
  • Statement of problem: The reason you conduct a research work is to solve a problem or to discover new things. Here you should state those problems or what you want to achieve in clear terms.
  • Significance of the study: Here you shall state the relevance of your study. Write why you chose to study that particular subject. Including the outcome and its benefits is the key factors.
  • Scope: Here, state the area of your concentration. Which group, individual, period or events do you intend to study.
  • Key terms: Terms and variables used in the study should be explained in writers own word line.
  • Literature Review: Comprise of conceptual framework which entails a model of your work and theoretical framework which deals with an existing theory related to your study. Read various studies related to your work and lift important quotes, views and findings.
  • Methodology: These are the steps taken to achieve results in your study. Determine your study population, research design, what measure of the population will form your sample size and how do you determine that, will questionnaire, interview or statement of account, CBN bulletin be used as your research instrument or what? Lastly, how would you analyze your data? Regression, correlation, chi-square or what?

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