How much FG through NYSC pay corpers who marry themselves.

Some corps members really want to get the money, while some others want to know whether it is true or false.

The main reason for organizing NYSC scheme is to foster national unity. And, one way to achieve that, is when youths inter-marry themselves (inter tribal marriage).
In a bid to support and encourage inter tribal marriage between Nigerian youths, the Federal Govt has made provision to award the sum of 1 million Naira to any two youths (male & female) who inter marry themselves while serving as NYSC members

Note: the N1million will serve as a marriage gift from the federal govt through NYSC; and since it is just a gift, the Federal govt or NYSC is not mandated by any known law to award the cash gift.

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The marriage should follow this procedure:

1. Fall in Love with a fellow corper (male vs female).

2. Pay her bride price, and fulfil other traditional marriage obligations.

3. Fix your wedding date.

4. Notify NYSC of such marriage and invite them as well to your wedding.

5. The parents of bride and groom must be present in the wedding ceremony and express their gratitude.

When you have done all these things, the federal government will pay you the sum of N1million Naira.

Note: The parents and some elders of the both families are to be fully involved.

Do not even think about faking the marriage, because the money will not be paid to the couple immediately, the Federal Govt might decide to pay after 5 - 10 years if the marriage is still intact.

Also, the money that you will spend to 'fake' the marriage wedding would be running toward a million naira, and you might not get the money at the end. Now, you have seen that federal govt and NYSC are smarter than you.
But, if the marriage is genuine, you wont even care about the money.

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