How to find love, dating tips for corpers

Few days ago, recall that the Director General of the National youth Service Corps (NYSC) reiterated his call for corps members to fall in love and marry themselves.

However, we observed that male corps members have started making some approaches towards ladies, while females corps members are gradually showing some interest...

Below are the dating tips for ladies:
1. Do not play too hard to get: Some guys are not too good in 'toasting' ladies; playing 'too hard to get' might drive a true love away.

2. Do not use word of insult if you're not interested in that guy: Do not start insulting him if you do not like him, kindly and agently tell him that you are not interested in him, if he keeps coming, keep rejecting him.

3. Do not throw yourself to a guy: For the fact we said you should not 'play too hard' doesn't mean you should throw yourself to him. Play little hard but don't over do it.

4. Insist on, "No s*x before marriage": Many guys come for s*x, but often time pretend to be in love. Any guy that loves you would agree to your no s*x rule. But be careful, for some guys would agree initially but later long will still ask for s*x.

5. Do not be too demanding: You should know he is not your husband yet, so do not demand much from him.

6. He must not be a fellow corps member: You must not marry a fellow corps member. If no guy is coming for you, do not jump to one. Wait for your true love to come. If you don't want to wait, use online button to check if you can find your true love.

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