How you can keep your woman away from other men

Dating tips for men:
If you really love your girl, then probably, you might have be thinking the best way you can keep her safe to yourself, so that she won't be snatched from you by other men.
Below are the best ten(10) solid tips to achieve that:
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1. Always let her sit on your laps, kiss her on her cheeks and/or forehead periodically.

2. Never cheat on her, and trust that she doesn't  cheat on you.

3. Respect her opinion, feelings and emotions. Make her seemed very important to you.

4. Always seek her advice. Don't just do things without letting her know.

5. Give her your attention. This would make her not to seek attention elsewhere.

6. Never be stingy to her. If you need a woman, then you should be ready to spend; lavish your money on her.

7. Never promise and fail. If you will not keep your promise to her, then never promise her anything. Let her always sees you as a man of your word.

8. Complement her. Always tell her that she is beautiful even if she is not. Appreciate her little efforts at all times.

9. Love her relations. Always, love those she loves.

10. Let her know your plans and never keep secret on her. Let her be part of your plans.

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