6 ways you can make money during Nysc service

How to make money during Nysc
Do you know you can use the period of Nysc service to make extra cash?

In this article we highlighted six(6) solid ways one can make money during Nysc service.

 Kingsley Uche, from Anambra state made extra N200,000 apart from his Nysc 'allawee'. Kinsley did not fold his arms and complain about poorly paid Nysc allowances, rather he engaged himself into lucrative business that yielded surplus income for him.
Here, we are going to reveal some of the lucrative businesses a corps member can venture into that would not distract his/her service. Do not put your whole trust in Nysc N19,800 allowance paid monthly.
Determination is one way to achieve this.

These are the things you can do to make extra money:

1. Private Tutorials: You can make good cash if you become a private tutor. Meet senior colleagues (outgoing corpers) serving around your area. They can help to connect you to the parents of some of the kids they teach, so when they go, you take over. For those of you who can teach very well to secondary students, especially those in exam class (JSSCE, WAEC, NECO GCE, JAMB etc.), this can be a big shot to make extra money. If you're, eventually post to school to teach, then you have good opportunity to form a tutorial class. but even if you're not posted to teach you can still form tutorial class by going to schools or you can collaborate with fellow corper who teach in schools to form a formidable tutorial centres.

2. Farming (rearing of animal): This again can give you extra cash beyond what you could imagine. I have seen corpers that did this. It's lucrative to reare farm animals. You can reare fish or set up a poultry farm.
Find a fish pond by yourself or speak with the host community leaders, ask them to help you with a fish pond. They can provide fish pond or poultry house for you. Another way to do this is, form a group of about five corpers, meet the Local Government Chairman in area you were posted and him to help provide support.

3. Writing: freelance writers make good money by writing and submiting articles online. It is assumed that graduates from prestigious universities can write good articles. If you can write interesting articles relating to health, politics, food, sports etc. then you can money by marketing your write up online. Use your phone to google how you can monetize your articles. Note: Your articles should not be less that 400 words, well written and should be original(not copied from already existing materials).

4. Blogging: Blogging is another way you can earn money. All you need is to create a blogging site whuch is free to creat at free blogger.com or wordpress.com; then find the right niche and write interesting articles relating to your niche. But I must tell you; for you to be a successful blogger it requires some technical know how. You may not have to be 'guru' but you need to know the basics to some extent. If you have a computer or smart phone (I mean smart phone, not china) and an internet connection, then you are 'good to go'. Although, earning from blog usually takes time and patience.

5. Small scale mini importation
You can carry out a feasibility study and find out some of the things that are lacking in the community where you were posted and order for them to sale. For example, you can buy boxers or pants cheaper in the market and sale relatively high that the cost price to people. Items to import could be boxers, shoes, phone accessories, watches etc. You can start with something portable that won’t require you to spend much time.
 6. Baking: If you can bake cakes, doughnut, bons etc. then bake and supply to those selling in retail quality or you can as well sale in retail.

Finally, the list of things that can make you earn extra money is endless; laundry business, bulk sms etc are all included. Just find one and start doing it. Thanks


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