N-Power activated "captain n-power" to catch cheats

Captain n-power has been activated to catch beneficiaries earning from other employment.
This is to inform the general public, especially those applied for n-power that
the n-power team has today announced the activation of "Captain N-Power" which is designed to fish-out existing beneficiaries that are equally earning from other employment. N-power is meant for unemployed graduates and undergraduates alone.
However, if you are an active n-power beneficiary, and at the same time earning from other employment, its either you exit the n-power programme or quit from your current job before you get caught by "Captain N-Power".
Beneficiaries of n-power caught earning from other employment shall be arrested and prosecuted accordingly.
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According to reports at hand, some of the n-power beneficiaries are already working as teachers, bankers, cleaners etc, and at the same time still earning N30,000 monthly stipend meant for unemployed youths.
It is important to note that "Captain n-power" will use your BVN to access the applicants bank account details and activities.

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