Police cannot arrest Nnamdi Kanu - Abdulrahman

The Minister of Interior, Lt Gen. Abdulrahman, has said that police cannot just go after Nnamdi Kanu for violating his bail terms, but court shall decide. “The issue is that yes, Nnamdi Kanu violated bail conditions, but it is not time yet for him to go back to the court for trial.
We have this assumption, but I think it is left for the court that gave those conditions to determine whether those conditions were violated or not.

“If those conditions were violated, the court knows what to do. We cannot assume that those conditions are being violated. Yes, the public knows those conditions were given, but the determination of the extent of violation will be left for the court. It is not like the Police will go after Kanu to arrest him on the grounds that he violated the bail conditions. Kanu will have a day in court, and the court will determine his fate, because it is the court that gave those conditions”, he said.
He further stated that DSS has invited Arewa youth for interrogation.
“The DSS has invited the Arewa youths for questioning and interrogation, for issuing an eviction notice to a tribe”, he said.

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