Start applying for scholarship

If you are a serving corps member or rather, preparing to serve or have completed your service, you probably have been nursing the ambition to run your post graduate studies abroad.
Well, your dreams is a dream with the possibilities of achievement if you prepare yourself towards making it.
How you can qualify yourself for scholarships

1. Make up your mind: The first step is to determine.

2. Prepare for that: You need to start preparing yourself while you can. The economic future of a typical Nigerian graduate can be unpredictable, so do not hope that things will just work out like that. You need adequate and timely effort.

3. Research: Search for scholarship opportunities on internet. Check for the eligibility and apply for it.

NOTE: You might have heard that it takes more than high academic performance to win international scholarships. The truth is that it does count to have a first class or second class upper but that is not criteria to win.
One good year of nysc service can fetch you scholarship to study abroad if you make use of the best of the opportunity.

Candidates who excel in one or more of the following categories can be considered.
  • Leadership Potential
  • Community Service/ Volunteerism
  • Work Experience
  • Academic Performance.
This makes school grades one of the eligibility. By being able to demonstrate strength in some or all of these four essential qualities, will fetch you greater chances.

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