The differences between Résumé and CV

Some companies ask job applicants to submit Curriculum Vitae, CV, while some other request for Résumé. This could make one ponder if there is any difference between the two.
However, there are three major differences between CV and Resume; these are the length, purpose and layout.
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Here are the differences between the two types of documents in detail.
  • CV
It contains a high level of data about your achievements, and this is more than a simple career biography.
CV covers the educational background, and as well as one's accomplishments such as awards, degrees, honours and so on.
CV is constant and doesn’t change when applying for different kinds of job positions, the only difference would be in your cover-letter.
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  • RESUME: 
A résumé, is a concise career document typically that cannot be longer than one "page". Unless otherwise stated, those applying for jobs should rather use resume to apply for every position. Resume is not constant or static like CV, and can be changed or adjusted for different job positions. A resume doesn’t have to be ordered chronologically, doesn’t have to cover your whole career like CV.

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