10 critical Nysc stages and registrations

Below are the ten(10) critical Nysc Stages and registrations that every Prospective Corps Member must pass through.
Stage 1
School Clearance: Nysc starts right from this point; usually few weeks after final year project defence, the clearance leading to the award of Degree/Deploma statement of result commences. The statement of result plays critical role in admission into Nysc camp.
Stage 2:
JAMB regularization: This stage, however, is not for everybody. This is only for those who got their admissions through Pre-science, pre-ND, Direct entry or any other remedial means of admission other than JAMB. It is required under the law that every Nigerian graduates of local institutions should be admitted through JAMB. Therefore, anyone who did not get admission through JAMB needs to be approved by JAMB. And the only way to get this approval is through "JAMB regularization".

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Stage 3
Signing up for Nysc programme: The institutions graduated from would not automatically register all their graduates into the Nysc programme. Graduates, at this point, are to indicate interests by signing up for Nysc programme, using information as contained on their JAMB slips.

Stage 4
School Senate list verification: At this stage, graduates are to visit their various institutions they graduates from and make sure their names are included in the list approved by the senate of their institutions before their institutions forward the list to Nysc for online uploadings .

Stage 5
Online Senate list verification: At this stage, Nysc upload the lists of eligible candidates supplied by institutions on their online portal. If your name is not included in the list that means you won't be going for Nysc service. This cost so heavily as it would be required that effected graduates should wait and try a luck in the upcoming batch (Reason you should not take any information we shared at otondo.com.ng for granted, because we reveal vital things that Nysc cannot tell you)
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Stage 6
Online registration: Those their names appeared in the Senate list that Nysc uploaded online would be required to start and finish online registration. This type of registration is called, "Nysc online biometric registration".

Stage 7
Deployment: Nysc upon aproval, will then send "Call-up letter" to all the graduates that they have aproved for the programme. The details in the call up letter include, the state you are deployed to, the date to report etc

Stage 8
Camp registration: At this Stage, all the prospective corps members are expected to start and finish Nysc physical registration and confirmation of documents. Which after they would be given Nysc kits to wear.

Parade 9
Parade: Parade starts immediately! At this stage you will be forced into the training field for stressful military drills. Some people usually faint when the training become so severe.

Stage 10
Postings: At this stage, corps members must have completed the 21 day camp training. They will be scattered and posted to different remote villages to serve. If you are among the few lucky ones, you will be posted to town.