Ranks and respective salaries of commissioned officers in Nigerian Army

 This is how much they paid commissioned officers in Nigerian Army
A commissioned officer is a soldier who graduated from the Nigerian Defense Academy.
The ranks of commissioned officers started from "second Lieutenant"
Note: the figures below are approximated. The currency unit is in Nigeria Naira. At the time of publishing 1 USD = 370 Naira

1. Second Lieutenant: 122,000

2. Lieutenant: 184,000

3. Captain: 225,000

4. Major: 310,000

5. Lieutenant Colonel: 360,000

6. Colonel: 560,000

7. Brigadier General: 760,000

8. Major General: N940,000

9. Lieutenant General: N1,000,000

10. General: N1,520,000

11. The Field Marshal: Presently, in Nigeria, the field marshal is the commander in Chief  of armed forces, which is The President of  the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
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