The causes of road accident among corpers and how it can be minimized.

Roads accidents have claimed the lives of many people in Nigeria. The worst being the death of young Nigerian graduates serving their country.
Today, we shall be looking at the most likely causes of this ugly incident among corps members and how it can be stopped.

1. Bad Roads: One of the main causes of road accident in Nigeria is the Federal Government (FG) inability to construct good roads. The available roads are seriously deteriorated and have become death traps to road users, including serving corps members and other Nigerian citizens.

2. Senseless deployment: The Federal government through NYSC has selfishly programmed the scheme to punish innocent Nigerians graduates in the name of fostering the national unity by deploying corps members to places against their will and wish. Most youths are deployed far away from home, and some have died either by accident or by murdering.

3. Travelling: Corps Members travel due to the poor allowances FG pay them, some of them ran out of food and cash, and either attacked or invlove in road accident on their way back home to get some food to support themselves.

How it can avoided

1. Construction of good roads: The government should construct good roads for its citizens. If the Nigerian roads and other means of transportation are good like that of USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Isreal etc. I don't think corps members and other citizens would still be dying in road clash? At least the issue of road accident would be minimized to the bearest.

2. Scrap NYSC, or Increase corps members allowances to N90,000 per month: It is unfair to pay N19,800 to Nigerian graduates that are serving their fathers' land, whereas, those in senate take about N40million per month. FG should pay corps members N90,000 so they would be able to feed well, get well furnished apartment for themselves and make enough savings to start-up business after their one year service. This therefore, reduced the risk of road accident among corps members as they will no longer be travelling home to eat good food or get other necessary support from loved ones.

3. Corps Members' choice should be well respected: FG should respect people's choice. It doesn't make sense posting people to serve in areas where they never want to go? Post Corps Members where they want to be, a place where their spirits accepted.

4. NYSC service should not be made compulsory: NYSC is not a voluntary some thought. It is actually a compulsory service since one of the requirements to get good job and to be admitted into institutions for post graduate studies is the NYSC discharge certificate. 

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