The required documents for registration in Nysc camp

The following are the required documents for registration in Nysc camp:

1. Statement of Result,

2. School Identity Card or Final year I.D Card,

3. Passport photographs [8 copies],

4. Call-Up Letter [Do not laminate it],

5. Online registration print-out slip, a.k.a Green Card,

6. Your Bank BVN (11 digits number)

Tips: Make eight(8) photo copies for each of the documents listed above, from number 1 to 5.

The following are Required for personal convenient.

1. A transparent bag file.
Tips: you will need it to house your documents

2. Two white polo-shirts and two shorts.
Tips: You will be given two sets but you may not like the quality or the size may be bigger than you.

3. Two pairs of socks and a white rubber tennis shoes.
Though this will be given to you in camp but you may not like the quality.

4. Bathroom slippers and Dettol.
Tips: Nobody will give you any of these, so bring them along with you.

5. Two plastic buckets.
Tips: You need this to bath, store water and for laundry. You don't need to come with This, just buy one or two from camp market, so that you do not overload yourself.

6. Sponge and its case, bath-soap and detergent.

7. Bedsheet, towel and wrapper and two pairs of casual wear.
Tips: please, do not come with more than two casual wear because you won't be allowed to wear it in camp. The dressing code in NYSC camp is white polo-shirt, white shot, white socks and white canvas. You are expected to dress in white even while asleep.

8. Mosquito Net.
Tips: You may not like to fall sick in camp due to mosquitos bites. You may also need this to protect your bed space and properties.

9. Handkerchiefs.
Tips: You need one to clear sweats that will be rolling down your cheek during parade, especially for those that sweat profusely.

10. Waist bag.
Tips: You will need it to house your phones, money, ID Cards, handkerchief, biros, etc

11. Small rechargeable Torchlight.
Tips: Believe me, without this, you will find staying in camp terrible. You need this to when at night and early morning, around 4:00am when preparing for early morning parade.

12. Your ATM card.
Tips: please come with enough cash and ATM card as well. In some camp, there is ATM but you can still use the card when posted to place of primary assignments.

13. A Cooler cup and two spoons.

14. Beverages

15. Ladies conveniences (ladies you should understand naa)

16. Money.
Tips: You should hold enough cash, between 15k to 30k depending on how you spend.
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