The salary structure of the Nigerian Police.

It is true that many people want to know how much police officers earn monthly. Some believed their salaries are very poor reason they indulge in abusing their offices by unlawful begging civilians for money and also collect bribe.
The Nigerian police is well known for arresting Innocent civilians and charging bailing fee on the head of their victims. They openly collect bribe from motorists on roads and even give change (balance) if the motorists pay in high currency denomination.

Below, we listed the ranks in Nigerian police and the respective monthly salaries

Note: The currency unit is in Nigeria Naira. At the time this post was published 1 USD =  370 Naira.

A. Non-Commissioned Police officers i.e those that usually joined the police with SSCE ( WAEC, NECO, GCE, etc). Low academic profiling.

1. A Police Recruit: N9,019

2. A Police Constable (Grade Level 03): N43,293.
A Police Constable of (Grade Level 10): N51,113

3. A Police Corporal (Grade 04) (step1): N44,715.
A Police Corporal (Grade Level 04) (step10): N51,113

4. A Police Sergeant (Grade 05) (step1):  N48,540.
A Police Sergent (Grade 05) (step 10): N55,973

5. A Sergeant Major (Grade 06) (step 1): N55,144.81.
A Sergent Major (Grade 06) (step 10): N62,204

NOTE: Sergeant Major is the highest rank of  "Non commissioned police officer.

Commissioned Police officers:
These are those that joined police with higher education certicate such as: ND, HND, Bachelor Degree and other higher education profiling. See their salaries HERE