Why you should register for the Nigeria National Identity card

We write this article to sensitize everyone on the need they should register for the new Nigerian identity card. This is because we saw the impending danger for anyone who do not have this card. The registration is ongoing but will soon come to an end.
Registration is free and compulsory for all Nigerian citizens in and outside the country.
The national identity card system is currently been managed by the National Identification Commission (Nimc).
Below, are why you should register for the new Nigeria National identification card before it becomes too late.
1. Banking transactions: When NIMC have completed the distribution of the identity card to all the registered citizens of Nigeria, restriction will be placed in bank transaction except for those that have the national identity card. Without the identity card, you would be assumed to be a foreigner (maybe from Ghana, Niger Rep, Kenya, Togo etc) until proven otherwise.
Note: Voters card would no longer be acceptable means of identification in banks.

2. The New National Identity card would also be used as ATM withdrawal card: This means the can serve as a 'Universal ATM card, which would give holders the opportunity to use their national identity card to withdraw as many times as possible from any ATM all over the world without being charged. There would also be no monthly maintainance fee charge for the card. Again the new national identity card was build with high quality materials, and cannot fade or demage easily. The card has no expiring date for its ATM features like ordinary bank ATM card. Which can be expired over the time.

3. It is free to get: The new super national identity card is free to get. You don't have to pay a dime for it. Reason we should be happy.

4. You May not be able to get job in Nigeria: Without the card it would be very difficult to get a government job in Nigeria or to participate in govt scheme, such as Nysc, n-power, Census, INEC etc. The new identity card would be the only evidence you have to prove your Nigeria citizenship. Also, the get will be needed for certificate verification.
Note: There other numerous benefits
SEE: the registration requirements 
Register for Nimc powered National Identification card today, it is free!
Those outside the country should enquire from the Nigeria embassy in the country they are or find their means of registering online.

Thank You!
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