Horrible: A lady go blind after she tattooed her eye.

A model that goes by name, 'Catt Gallinger', from Ottawa, Canada, goes blind as result of tattooing her eye with a sclera tattoo, which changes the colour of the whites around that sorround the eye. She confessed that placing such tattoo in her eye was a major mistake of her life.

She shared disturbing pictures of her eye,
weeks after the treatment she now considers a “massive mistake”.

What is Sclera tattoo?
It is a kind of tattoo in which a specialist injects a liquid into the eyeball to stain the whites of a person’s eye. The eye tattoo has become popular among body modification fans.

According to Catt Gallinger, her eyeball quickly began to ooze purple liquid. Concerned, she went to the hospital where she was given a dose of antibiotic drops.

Doctors then gave her steroid drops but after three weeks, her pain and blurry vision remained and the purple liquid appeared to be clumping around her cornea.

Catt Gallinger said she wanted to modify her eye colour to make her feel at home in her body. But she is now warning everyone against trying it. The former model said she has cancelled any future work and that she has spent a lot on prescriptions over the past weeks.
For now, the prognosis is that her eyesight will either “go completely or stay a blurry mess” but she hopes surgery will prevent it from getting worse. Surgeons said her sclera tore from the size of needle used, depth and amount of ink inserted.