How much the state government pay to corpers.

It is important to know the amount the various states government in Nigeria pay serving Corps Members posted to their states. In this article, all the states in Nigeria were listed with the corresponding amount they pay to serving corps members.
It is known that the Federal Government
pays a fixed monthly allowance of N19,800 to every serving corps member across Nigeria, and this amount has remained unchanged for quite a long time. However, the states govt have decided to supplement this N19,800 by paying extra money to corps members in their states in compensation to the poorly paid allawances by the FG.
The state allowances, however, vary from one state to another. Below, are the comprehensive list of all states in Nigeria and the amount they pay to Serving corps members:

1. Akwa Ibom State: pays N4,900 monthly

2. Lagos: State Pays N15,000 serving under state government; N10,000 to corps members serving in Ministries, and N5000 to those in LGA.

3. Sokoto State: pays N4,000 and N9,000 to those serving in the state hospitals.

4. Enugu State: Pays N8,00 to Corpers in towns and N3,800 to Corpers in villages.

5. Oyo State: Pays N4,000

6. Osun State: Pays N0.00

7. Kano State: Pays N4,000

8.Borno State: Pays N1,000

9. Niger State: Pays N0.00

10. Yobe State; Pays N2,500

11. Bayelsa State: Pays N3,000

12. Ekiti State: Pays N0.00

13. Ogun State: Pays N5,000

14. Delta States: Pays N5,000 (but after service)

15. Bauchi State: Pays N0.00

16. Cross River State: Pays N3,090

17. Zamfara State: Pays N5,000

18. Abia State: Pays N5,000

19. Imo State: Pays N2,000

20. Taraba state: Pays N10,000

21. Kaduna State: Pays N3,000

22. Jigawa State: Pays N10,000 and N5,000 to those serving in L.G.A, and N16,000 to those serving in hospitals and N26,000 to medical corps members.
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23. Nassarawa State: Pays N0.00

24. Katsina State: 0.00

25. Rivers State: 0.00

26. Kogi State: 0.00

27. Ebonyi State: Pays N5,000

28. Anambra State Pays N8,000

29. Kwara State: N6,000

30. Ondo State: between 1000  and 1,500

31. Kebbi State: N2000

32. Plateau State: 0.00

33. Edo state: 0.00

34. Benue State: 0.00

35. Gombe State: 0.00
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36. Abuja FCT: Abuja pays nothing. The general N19,800 covers everything for corps members serving under government. But private companies in Abuja pay high shaa! 

NOTE: We updated this info on 16/02/2018. And we always update it whenever any state govt make changes. However, if you observed an error please do inform us so we can correct.
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