The NYSC Senate List and How to Verify your Name

Every institution is mandated by NYSC to upload the names of their qualified candidates on the NYSC online portal within the stipulated period of time.  However, Prospective Corps Member whose name is not in the list will not be eligible to register online. So, seeing your name being posted in your school is not enough as you still have to see it online on NYSC portal.
Before we share how you can verify/check your name on NYSC online portal, let us first understand what Senate List is all about.
Senate List?
Senate list is the list of graduates approved by the Senate of your institution and forwarded to NYSC of those that will service in NYSC scheme.

What does this mean?

This means that any one whose name is not included or seen in the Senate List would not be able to serve.
After graduation, upon students sign up, The institution graduated from through the 'Student Affairs Unit' will mobilize its qualified candidates which the senate of the institution have to approve and forward the list to the NYSC. Any one whose name appears in the list would be able to proceed to online registration, but if your name is not in the list, you would not be allowed to perform online registration.

How to verify your name from the senate list online.

1. Check the NYSC timetable to know the date the verification will start.

2. If the verification has started, then visit

3. Select your Institution,

3. Enter your Matriculation Number (school reg no)

4. Enter your Surname,

5. Enter your Date of Birth,

6. Click send!

If your name is shortlisted, you will recieve message that you are good to go. But if your name is not in the list, you will see, "NO RECORD FOUND", meaning you are not eligible.

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