Inside Nysc camp

Inside Nysc camp

Written by: Humphery
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I know that if possible some PCMs would like to peep through a hole to see exactly how Nysc camp look like, because they have heard lot of things about this military look alike camp called Nysc camp. Some PCM can't wait any longer to enter the camp, while some others are like, "Nysc should just call us up today".
But you don't need to worry yourself anymore because in this article I gave a very clear picture of what NYSC camp look like.
This article was written to provide a cross sectional view of NYSC camp for Prospective Corps Members (PCM) whom desired to enter the long awaited NYSC Camp. The things on this article are the things PCM are most likely to experience and see when they enter the regimented camp.
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Firstly, I would like to let you know that NYSC camps are regiments(military fortified); Soldiers drafted from Nigerian Army, Man O' war, NYSC officials among others will be in camp for you.
After the camp training, you will be posted to different places to serve; most will be posted to teach in remote villages within the State of deployment...

Below are breakdown of the inside nysc camp:

1. Charging phones:  Corps Members are not allowed to charge their phones in the hostels or in any of the nysc buildings. That has become tradition and law which you cannot even break because there is no sockets or provision for corpers to charge batteries or cell phones. However, there is only one way for corpers to charge their phones in Nysc camp and that is by paying N50 to those doing it as business at Camp "Mami market" which is located somewhere inside Nysc camp. Research has shown that some shops at 'mami market' are owned by Nysc officials and they probably made it impossible for corpers to charge phones in hostels. So that corpers will patronize their business.

2. Light-out/off hour: This is a sacred time in the camp when all corpers are expected to sleep. Light-out starts at 10:00pm and ends at 4:00am. During the period of light-out, corps members are expected to be sleeping on their bedbugs infested mattresses.
At this time, the only thing expected from corpers at this time is noise from ‘snoring’. All light must be off, no call, no chat, no talk etc just sleep. Don't come out from your hostel because soldiers are going to arrest you or punish you or the worst could be accidental discharg of bullets.
This curfew last till 4.00am; at this time soldiers will invade your hostel and 'chase' you out to the parade ground for morning drills. Do not violate any rule because soldiers won't take it easy with you.

3. Sex and romance: Maybe you think or have been told that Nysc camp is an opportunity to $ex and $ex. By now, some bad boys, might have bought some packet of condoms, waiting for the time to click.. lolz! Unfortunately, there is no room for $exual activities in Nysc camp! No chance at all! Bad market, I guessed! ... lolz!
You see, it would be better you throw those condoms away because there is no room for that 'thing' in Nysc camp.
Nevertheless, females hostels and male hostels are far apart with Soldiers patrolling day and night. This is one of the reasons they impose LIGHT OUT HOUR. Also, it is an unpardonable offence if caught in $exual act. Soldiers have been in the system for so long before you, so they know how to catch $exual offenders.
The punishment that follows if caught in $exual act in Nysc camp is 'expulsion', decamp, dismiss or kick out; however you put it, but Nysc will surely disgrace you in public and then after kick you out of Nysc camp.
I know you wouldn't want to be expelled from Nysc camp simply because of $ex, so my advice for you is to start training that 'cassava' in-between your legs so that it may not ruin you.

4. Falling in love: Falling in love is part of camp activities. Some persons do fall in love  in Nysc camp. It is allowed, but I must tell you this, Nysc camp is not an ideal place for you to fall in love with anyone. In camp, most ladies are too cheap to get but they are temptations as well; some people have very rough life history, you wouldn't know until you get yourself entangled with the wrong person. So, be careful!
I would advise you to forget about love, just focus on your mission to Nysc camp... don't fall for slay queens or slay boys.
After 21-day in camp, there is about 90% chances that you and the person you are falling in love with will be posted to different places. And that is automatica end.

5. Nysc food: The Nysc food is not totally free as many think. Federal Govt. pay #500 each to every corper as feeding allowances for the 21 days they will stay in camp. But corpers will never be paid in cash by Nysc, Nysc rather use the money to prepare food them. The idea is good but the quality of the food is not something one can write home about. The Nysc food always look and taste like herbal medicine.
If you don't have enough money with you to buy better food from Mami market, just close your eyes and drink Nysc food same way you drink herbal medicine. Don't act "ajibo" if you don't have enough money with you for feeding, say 50k!
Some people are funny shaa…! In camp you will see those ‘forming’ big boys and big girls; they don't eat Nysc food. They would be seen eating and drinking at Mami market, but this only last for first week in camp; in the second week, you would be surprise to see them (supposed big boys and girls) fighting in the queue to collect Nysc food. Lolz! O' boy, their money don finish ooo!!

6. Fainting: It is very common to see corpers fainting on parade ground. Do not be surprise when you faint or when someone by your side faint. Huge guys with big muscles do faints as well. So, it is not a matter of how big I am (NYSC camp no be moi moi).

7. Morning Parade: You will have to wake up every morning, around 3:30am to prepare for morning drills; at axactly 4:00am, soldiers will sound the trumpet which immediately followed by hostel invasion by soldiers. Soldiers will invade the hostels with buckets of water which they will use to bath lazy corpers that are still on bed.
The parade will last till 8:00am, then corpers will go for breakfast. After breakfast, the next thing is the most boring SEAD lecture which usually last for some hours. After SAED, the next is Lunch and after lunch, you go down for Evening Parade. No time to rest. There is no rest in Nysc camp. Lolz!

8. Snoring: This is one of the most annoying things you would ever see in camp. Imagine after all the strees, you won't be allowed to sleep at night by those that snore.
There usually be a kind of snoring competition; imagine when packed together in a hall that contains not fewer than 400 people from different tribes. Nysc hostels are large halls where you would have many people as your roommates.
From about 400 roommates, 300 are those that snore when sleeping, and 50 others scream while sleeping.
You will also be disturbed by those that scream in the middle of night while sleeping. O' boy! There is nothing you will not see!

9. Stand Still: you must stand still for Nigeria to sleep at 6:00pm and at 6:00am you ought to stand still again for Nigeria to wake;
when it is time for that, one Soldier will brow the beagle or trumpet.
Where ever you are, at the hearing of certain sound from the trumpet you must stand still till the sound stop. Make sure you don't break the rule or you face the wrath of soldiers.

10. Please, come with enough money; N15,000 is ok, but you will have to be combining Nysc food and Mami food OR come with N50,000 if you don't have any intention to eat Nysc food.

12. Bathrooms and Toilet: In Nysc camp, toilet and bathrooms are usually messed up; so annoying! Five persons for example might 'shit' in the same place without flushing it. One will need about five buckets of water to flush it before he/she can use it or just add your own ''shit'' to make it six.
Also, some people do 'shit' on the floor of the bathrooms. And this can be so annoying especially when you want to take your bath... To be continue

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Goodluck and God bless you.

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