Monkey POX is not natural but artificial

Enough is enough! White men should stop playing into us. This is the right time for we, the Africans to ask some certain questions. They called us third world countries, and use our people as laboratory 'spacemen'.
 We have questions to ask US, Russian,
Laboratory monkeys
China, North Korea, UK, Germany, France,

Israel Turkey etc. They should brief us on how their biological weapons kill. This is what we are all aware of; white men have stock piles of Nuclear, Chemical and Biological weapons, but we are so naive that we do not even know how those weapons kill and why the have it in stock. It is unfortunate that we Nigerians, the only thing we know very well are those things we 'crammed' from our text books, yet we pose ourselves as gurus. Those things are rubbish!
Ebola, Lassafever, Chicken pox, Small pox, HIV, Birdflu, SAS, Monkey Pox etc are all Chemical and Biological weapons in display. And I can prove it if the government fund me and access granted to me. Whenever I hear that a strange disease is on rampage, I always know it is not natural. You can deceive others but not me. Now let me ask You This question; Have you ever heard that there is an outbreak of any of above mentioned diseases in USA, CANADA, UK, China, Russia, Isreal, France, Germany etc?? If Yes, then educate me on that. If No, then use your tongue to count your teeth. It is only in African countries that discovery of strange diseases is seasonal. To me those diseases are not natural but artificial, Biological and chemical weapons to be precise. The funniest thing is that western scientists always trace the root of those diseases from animals. They will tell you it was first discover in 1920 or so, from a green monkey bra bra bra bra!!! It is time for us (Africans) to investigate how the various biological weapons stocked by White men kill. Enough of all these nonsense! "Monkey pox" my foot