Nysc accredited registration centres

Is there accredited centres for online registration?
Prospective corps members(PCMs) usually come across false information especially at the time of online registration; we are here to help every PCM get genuine information as regards to NYSC and to debunk all possible rumours that may come their way.
Does NYSC have accredited centres where PCMs are mandated to do their online biometric registration?
Emphatically No!
There used to be NYSC accredited centres for online registration before but it has stopped to exist. You may come across accredited centres on the official website of NYSC, but never mind, it's no longer applicable or functional.

Where, then, do we (the PCMs) go for online registration?

The truth of the whole thing is, online registration can be done anywhere. You can walk into any cyber café that has thumb print input device and do the registration. In other words, any business centre where JAMB can be registered can also embark upon NYSC registration. However, if you have any of the JAMB acceptable thumb print input device, you can register it by yourself at the comfort of your home. You can even start the registration by yourself and go to cyber café for thumb printing when you get to its stage.

Can we do the registration by ourselves?

Yes, if you know how to handle internet. It is not difficult; follow simple instructions to fill in the E-form.
NYSC online registration is simple and it is stage by stage. If you have laptop or desktop, you can start the registration by yourself. Any stage that you complete will be saved, and you can continue at any time any where by login with your password.
You will have to generate the password before starting the registration.
You can always login and continue with your registration from where you stopped until you SUBMIT.
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