Nysc general and vital information for prospective corps members

We must congratulate all the prospective corps members (pcm). those who have completed their online registration and those about to complete!

The life in NYSC is a military like life, and it was deliberately made so. You have to adjust you self to fit into it.
Many pcm have complained and some are still complaining of the difficulties met during registration, but that challange is among the sweetest challanges when compared to other challanges ahead of you.
Do not get it wrong; this message is not meant to scare you, but to prepare you for the task ahead.

NYSC camps are not bed of roses, they are regiments. That is why you were told to obtain Medical Certificate of Fitness, if you are not fit, Nysc won't allow you to participate. Lot of people collapsed on parade ground, and few have reportedly dead.

Hencefort, see yourself as a soldier or at least a para-militia. Face and conquer any problem that 'surface' itself without complaining...
From what you have seen so far (From 7.00am to 8:00pm in cyber café) you can attest to me that NYsc is indeed a military like life... Lolz!

There are important messages I want you to read, after reading share it with your friends to encourage us.

Below are the message:
[This message is from www.facebook.com/otondocorper ]

1. If you don't have at least one functional bank account that is linked with BVN, please go to bank and open account now.

2. The information on your BVN must be thesame or match to the ones you have on your NYSC documents. If it does not match please, go to your bank and update your BVN before going to Nysc camp.

3. Medical certificate of fitness is compulsory, try to obtain one before going to camp. Call: 08109043177 to enquire.

4. DO not laminate any of your documents.

5. Go to camp with atleast 10k pocket money; that does not include your transport fare.

6. Your BVN is very important, you must go to camp with it. Copy it out somewhere.

7. Join NYSC 2017 Batch A&B Forum for NYSC information and guides that you cannot get anywhere.

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