NYSC: How to be in Stream1

How to be in stream 1 or 2
Congratulations to those of you who have seen their names on the Senate list!

We know that some Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) would like to go with stream1 of either Batch A or B; just same way some other PCMs would prefer going with stream2 to stream1.
The choice of PCMs usually based on the reason of 'preparedness' (i.e how prepared he/she is)

It is important to know that NYSC do not allow PCMs to choose which stream to go with. They programmed their system to randomly assign PCMs to either stream 1 or 2. But their is a way we can pray with the intelligence of their system, for atleast to get high chances to be placed into our desired 'stream'
The reason for stream 1 & 2 is because there is no enough space in NYSC Camp that will contain all PCMs at once.
For example, if Stream1 of  a certain Batch enters camp today, it normally takes few weeks or even months for stream2 of the same Batch to join.

How to be in your desired stream

If you want to be in Stream1
then you have to register early enough; say, on the very first day or second day that NYSC opened the registration portal. If you register from the third day downward then you are more likely to fall within stream 2.

Tips: Go to your registration point/cyber café as early as 5:30am to day NYSC will open registration portal; because there usually be unimaginable queue in cyber café across Nigeria, also the NYSC website usually experience server hiccups due to too much traffic and heavy work loads.

Make sure your medical cert of fitness is ready by now [For medical cert call or WhatsApp: 08109043177]

On behalf of otondocorpers I wish you all success and welcome to the struggle of serving your fathers land.

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Source: otondo.com.ng

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