Top 6 paying skills in Nigeria to learn in 2020

- Top 6 paying skills in Nigeria to learn in 2020

In a country like Nigeria where education and talent are never enough for young people to become financial buoyant.

The importance of skill acquisition, however cannot be over emphasized, especially those ones that align with your passion.

There are many skills to learn to become your own boss but not all of them are lucrative.

That is why you should be aware of the most profitable skills to learn in Nigeria.

Top 6 paying skills in Nigeria to learn

Below are the top 6 most profitable skills to learn;
1. Make Up Artistry: the make up industry is on the rise today. Make up artistry has become one of the high paying skills in Nigeria.

Men are also actively learning this skill because what a woman can do, a man has found a way of doing it.
Make up artistry
2. Computer support and services: Computer software and equipment is a fast rising market, because the computer is useful and complex, thereby creating needs for more specialists and technical support.

3. Hair Styling: There is a rise in demand for hair services in Nigeria. Men and women have broken boundaries in this industry by becoming owners of hair salons and employers of huge labour.

Like makeup, hair styling has become a trendy skill that is high in demand especially the bridal hair styling.

Individuals generally want to feel and look good and stylists can help them achieve that.

4. Digital marketing: Digital marketing helps builds the companies online presence and it is highly profitable; the beauty of this is that you can just do it in the comfort of your home and get be paid well.

Social media is proven to be an effective marketing tool in today’s world.

5. Photography: This is a highly demanded and professional skill any young and creative person would find very lucrative, Photography is more of an Art that opens you up to different sides of life and it happens to be very appreciated and payed for.

It takes a good photographer to train you in this skill, once your heart connects with it, every mile would seem like a beautiful adventure that leads somewhere.

6. Fashion: Fashion has been around for the longe time now and it is amazing how it keeps evolving with different people adding their own unique twists to the trade.

Fashion happens to be very wide with diverse types to dive into, some people make over six figures monthly just by telling a designer what styles would sell, some by sketching up breath-taking designs to sell to brands.

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