How to correct wrong date of birth and wrong course of study from NYSC on-line portal

The National Youth Service Corps, NYSC has made it known that Prospective Corps Members (PCM) can now simply correct wrong Date of Birth or wrong Course study if erroneously used.
In this article, we provided step by step procedures on how PCMs can easily do that online by themselves.

How to correct wrong date of birth on NYSC portal.

1. Purchase the WAEC result verification PIN,

2. Login to your Nysc dashboard on

3. Enter the WAEC verification PIN

4. Select WAEC type; Select year of Exam and Enter your examination number,

5. Click on verify,

6. Submit.

Follow the steps below to learn how to correct wrong course of study when another course is being given to you other than the actual course you studied.

How to correct wrong course of study on NYSC portal.

1. Login to your NYSC dashboard,

2. Click on the "correction of Course of Study",

3. Select the course you studied

4. Click "submit".


  1. Anonymous10:43 pm

    As married woman, I discovered that 4 different documents were required for me to scan & upload. Must I upload all the documents or any available one.

  2. how to correct wrong Matric number.. Admin

    1. To correct Matric number, you need help from your school

  3. Anonymous9:22 am

    Help!.. My DOB is 01/19/1998 but its 01/19/1996 on nysc portal... I heard we are to use WAEC card..I used NECO result.. Can I still get the WAEC card?..Help!!!

  4. Admin how can I correct date of graduation?

  5. Admin, please is WAEC result verification PIN for change of date of birth same as d normal waec scratch card for checking waec results...

  6. Pls sir, I was mobilized for batch a stream 1 but my date of birth is 1987 instead of 1990 I have tried to rectify this problem with jamb but they have failed to approve it pls sir my question now is how do I rectify this issue in order to follow batch a stream 2 since Nysc portal for stream 1 have closed registration and again sir since I was mobilized for batch a stream 1 can i still go with stream 2 and how can correct this date of birth