How to register for IELTS in Nigeria

Apply for IELTS in Nigeria

IELTS is the International English Language Test System. It is one of the world most popular English proficiency test required for admission into higher institutions and for global migration.
How to Register for IELTS
1. Visit the British council office in your state.

2. Know the IELTS type you need to register. i.e General or Academic or Ukvi.

3. Ask and confirm available date for exam in British council

4. Login to the British council's IELTS website. Register on-line by filling in the required details on the website (You can do this in cyber café)

5. Upload on the website, the scanned copy of your international passport data.

6. Print-out the on-line registration slip by following the IELTS website instructions.

8. Take the internet IELTS registration print-out, bank draft and passport to the British council office and give the council the bankdraft and IELTS registration print-out to officially register with the british council.

9. The British council office will send you an e-mail at about one week before the exam. The e-mail will contain the exam date, venue and the exam time.

10. You may not buy the book usually sold for N5,500 British council office. The book is too small and may not fully prepare you for the test.
We therefore, recommend "Barron's IELTS textbook which can be purchased from bookshop. It cost about N6,000 in bookshops, and has more materials with audio CDs.

11. Your test venues, location amd centres, test identification number and test details will be sent to You in an email.from british council at about 4 days to the exam.

12. On the day of the exam, go with your International passport, sharpener (razor blade not allowed), eraser about 2 and HB pencil to the exam centre and a bottle of water.

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