How To Apply for World Bank Grant In Nigeria (2020)

- How To Apply for World Bank Grant In Nigeria

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in collaboration with the World Bank has launched new '10 billion USD' empowerment program called, “The Entrepreneurship Grant” (EG), which is meant for Nigerians who are currently unemployed and have business idea.
The Entrepreneurship Grant was created for several purposes which include:
1. For Nigerians to start their own businesses;

2. To encourage students/traders to become employers rather than job-seekers/laborers;

3. To offer financial assistance to Nigerians to start their business with less financial risky etc.

How To Apply for World Bank Grant

The grant would help create favourable environment for Nigerian graduates and non-graduates.

The application process will be transparent and easy.

The programme requires the following:

1. An entrepreneurship capacity building program that lasts for two or three days

2. The training is mostly concentrated on generating a Business Model

3. Online Business Plan Competition where graduated students and non-graduate citizens will show off their business ideas.

There is a loan for up to 'Two million Naira' that will be given to those who have won the competition.

Note: Application is Free of Charge. The grant is available only for those who have business ideas and have successfully passed the screening.

To apply, follow the link below to fill a form and submit your application;

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