Learn How to Write Nysc Redeployment letter

How to write Nysc redeployment letter.

Hello, gentlemen corps members and prospective corps members; for one reason or the other, you may not like the state Nysc posted you; and you may wish to be redeployed or reposted to another state.

If that is your case, then I want to let you know that you still have chances to get it done by asking Nysc to repost/redeploy you to another state. I will show you how to go about it. It's so simple that you need not to pay anyone for it. Just continue reading...

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NYSC will repost to another state when you submit a redeployment application to NYSC. A form will be given to you in camp, fill the form and submit it with a hand written letter.
Note: A hand written letter for redeployment is not like any other formal letter; there are procedures and special guidelines corps members should adhere to, but unfortunately, many corps members do not know this, and that is why they have denied themselves the opportunity to be redeployed, while some have wasted huge amount of money paying fake online agents for deployment, whereas, they can do it themselves.

There is an article, where we explained how to go about your redeployment, step by step guide and sample were given. So, in order not to keep repeating ourselves, we shall quickly refer you to our page where all these have been explained and discussed.
The package is right HERE.
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