15 things you need to know about the NYSC camp that nobody is telling you

Below are the things you need to know about NYSC camp that nobody is telling you.
1. There is no functional toilets in most of the NYSC camp facilities. The few functional ones are being messed-up; like 6 persons would 'shit' without flushing it, so you have to add yours to make it 7 or you join those that simply 'shit' on the toilet or bathroom floor. Even to get turn to 'shit' is not easy, you would have to queue before it gets to your turn.  So, get ready to improvise.
2. NYSC kits given to you might not be your size. It's either you swap with someone or you 'slimfit' the wears, but the boots are always bigger than Corpers' size, so you should get to camp early enough so as to get a small size; most times small sizes are given to people who come early.

3. I advise you to get to camp early, as the good part or utilities such as rooms, beds, kits will be given to those who get there early.

4. Do and at all cost avoid the bunks or bedspace near the doors especially the toilet as you would be inhaling some dangerous odors for the whole 21 days the camp last. Also the bunks or bed spaces close to the entrance door are not too good as your belongings will be exposed to camp thieves; also, when the soldiers and officials come in to chase people out, you would be their first targets and victim...

5. Try to join Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS); this will help you escape some boring activities especially the hot afternoon drills. I would say you should avoid joining the "band team" because you will be made to practice day and night... My friend was an example. I also hear that they usually promise that those in the band will be posted to companies and towns...lolz, don’t be deceived.

6. Your luggage will be ransacked by soldiers while searching for forbidden items. So when arranging or packing your boxes know how to arrange them.

7. Queuing should become part of you. In camp, queue is the main thing. You queue-up for everything; to bath, to fetch water, to eat, to use toilet, to sign and other activities.

8. Don't over slimfit your khaki because when you wash it, it shrinks. Be careful!

9. SAED Lectures can be lengthy and boring, but if you have your friends close to you, you can talk or gist with them as time go. Because of large number of people, you may not be able to hear what is being said said in the lecture.

10. Respect the soldiers and NYSC officials if you don't want have a terrible experience. Also, do not be too friendly with them oo unless you wan't trouble, especially girls... so they may not ask you for that thing. Hope you understand what I mean?

11. Mosquito nets are quite useful as they can serve as a protective measure for your belongings. It can hide you from officers incase you want to hide but its not a good idea when caught. Also if you take the lower bunk the nets can prevent anyone from staying on your bed or stepping on it.

12. NYSC food is terrible. But you will enjoy it if you like drinking herbal medicine.

13. Expulsion is the punishment for those caught having s*x. So, decipline yourself. Train that cassava inbetween your legs.

14. You must pay to charge your phones and tourchlight. So includ that in your budget.

15. NYSC will give you N500,000 cash or its equivalent if you get married to a fellow corper.