Expect $ex doll who can cook and clean house in 2019 - RealBotix tech

As a result of high demand for $ex dolls in the world, the technology companies that are producing realistic dolls are looking forward to reach the next level and quality in creating $ex dolls that cook, clean house and do other domestic works.
The RealBotix companies spokesperson says the cooking and cleaning $ex dolls would be available for purchase in 2019.
However, many people believed the advent of $ex dolls would have a very negative impact in $ex life and society as people may choose $ex dolls over real people.
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Jan Kunchai, who is an engineer at RealBotix tech company said that $ex robots that can cook and clean efficiently seems to be a difficult task, but company engineers say it is achievable and would be ready for purchase in 2019.

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