Igbo are the most foolish tribe in the world - Uwazuruike

Igbo are fools - Uwazurike

The leader of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Ralph Uwazurike, made a shocking statement against the Igbo nation, he described Igbo as the most foolish tribe in the whole world.
He made the statement in an interview with Punch News.
Uwazuruike revealed, thus;
“Remember, it was the Igbo man that formed this PDP but they snatched it from him
Then, it was clear that an Igbo man would be the President of Nigeria.
"But in Jos, it was the Igbo who robbed themselves of that opportunity. The Igbo at that political event in Jos started speaking Hausa. The Igbo started sponsoring Obasanjo against Ekwueme; giving 100 million Naira and all that to another tribe to emerge...
"Let me tell you, the Igbo tribe is the most foolish tribe I have ever seen in the world. While the Yoruba embraced unity, the Igbo man was the person speaking Hausa in Jos; the Igbo man was the one donating money against his own brother in Jos to another candidate.
Is that a wise tribe? Then, who should I apologise to for using the word ‘foolish?’ Then what have we achieved from the PDP? For how many years have the Yoruba people used the PDP? Eight years! Now, when it was the turn of the South-East, they sent it to South-South.”
He explained.

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