Operation Python Dance Season 3, others to commence very soon - Buratai

- Nigerian Army to commence operation Python Dance 3, operation Crocodile Smile 3 and operation Harbin Kunama 3
The Nigerian Chief of Army Staff, Lt General Tukur Buratai on 2nd February, announced that the Nigerian Army would soon deploy soldiers to various parts of the country to combat the ongoing security threat in the country.
The Army chief, however, said that the troops would be deployed under special forces such as Operation Python Dance, Operation Crocodile Smile and Operation Harbin Kunama.
Buratai added that the Operation Python Dance 3 will commence in the south east region, while Operation Crocodile Smile 3 will be carried out in the Niger Delta region and South West and Harbin Kunama 3 will be in the North to contend cattle rustling in that part of the country.
It was reported that Buratai made the statement after leading personnel on an annual 15 kilometres route match that culminated at the Mogadishu Cantonment, Abuja.

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