7 things every corps member hates about NYSC

7 things every corper hates about NYSC
If every corps member is to be asked about their service year, you would be surprised to see some that would say "too too bad" or give other funny responses; Some would say, "Well, I enjoyed it or "I hated it, while some others would just be indifferent, but there is one thing they all have in common which made them to dislike Nysc. See below:
1. The oversized uniform:
     Nysc never give corps members uniforms that size them. It can be annoying when you first put on your Nysc kits and quickly discovered that you simply look like a goat in it. Your jungle boot would be far bigger or small than you could ever imagined. Some times, you could be prompted to ask yourself whether you are the one wearing the kits or the kits are the one wearing you.

2. Camp routine:
      You sleep by 12:00am and wake up by 3:00am for morning drills. You go stand under the sun for about 4 hours waiting for governor or other top officials to come.

3. The queues:
       This is the absolute the worst. You queue for everything; queueing to get food, to collect alawee, to sign, to bath, to use toilet, to fetch water etc

4. The lectures:
       NYSC SAED lectures are such snooze fests and corps members hate it with passion. The time you supposed to rest, you would be forced to attend lectures.

5. Everyone calling you corper and Otondo:
Even the small children of yesterday will call you "Otondo".  Your name would automatically changes to 'Otondo, white fawl or Corper. Everyone you know and don’t know will call you that.

6. NYSC food: The quality of the food is too
poor, and this can be so annoying; you drink beans like water; tea is just a hot water with sugar. Some times, after being in long queue to collect food, you end up pouring it away because of the way it tastes.

7. Toilet and Bath room: Toilet and Bathrooms usually messed up. About six persons would 'shit' in a toilet without flushing it; all you can do is to start flushing it or just shit like that. Some even 'shit' on the toilet or bathroom's floor.
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