What To Do During NYSC service To Secure Good Job Afterwards

Even first class graduates roam the streets in search of jobs, not that there is no job at all but the pay is not encouraging. Only few good jobs are available but highly competitive. So the tips below would help you beat other competitors to secure good job.

Tip 1

Acquire skills

Having skills is the biggest shot and the most effective means to secure good jobs in Nigeria. Apparently, almost all the companies today look at on what a job seeker can offer rather than on what is written on the certificate. The Govt on their own has made various policies to support skill acquisition programmes.

Below are recommended skills you should learn during Nysc service year.

  • Computer/Web-design 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Shoe and Bag Making
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Editing
  • Make-Up
  • Make-up art/hair styling
  • Sewing/fashion design
There are other good skills. Also, be informed that you can acquire more than one skill.
Do not rely on your good school grades but on your skills. Your skills are your selling point.

Tip 2

Learn how to be 'original' with your CV/Resume
Mimicking may deny you opportunities. Many graduates who seek for jobs usually duplicate someone's work; and employers are very much aware of the tendencies, so they scrutinize your CV/Resume. Some even 'google' it to see if you lifted the contents from the internet.
For instance, if you pick 100 CV submitted by graduates and review them, over 50 percent will use the same format, 20 percent will use the same CV templates with the common generic words and phrases.

Graduates need to take time to craft their own original CV/Resumé. Definitely, your CV must follow a particular rule but make sure you express yourself with your own terms. Make something different and interesting.

Tip 3

When you do not have godfathers who promise you automatic job engagement immediately after your NYSC. What do you do then? You create a Network for yourself!
Networks is very powerful in getting good jobs.
You’ll need to research what you want or where you want to go. For example, if you plan working with a bank, you have to connect with Banks' Staffs and Executives on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social Platforms. So, instead of chasing opposite sex on social media, create a Network.
Another way is by asking friends and family to help you find a job. You never can tell, they might know someone who Knows someone that might be able to offer you a good job.

Tip 4

CDS and personal Project

Community Development Service (CDS) is one of the four Cardinal Programs of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in which Corps Members contribute positively to the development of their host communities during their period of national service.
Many Corpers neglect this.
CDS projects are one way to advertise yourself, skills, what you can do or how responsible you are. We’ve heard stories of Corps Members who impressed in this areas and were rewarded with Job Placements.
Undertake various personal or group CDS projects. Let your aim be not for getting reward but for the benefit and progress of your immediate environment.

Tip 5

Attend Seminars
Spend your free time to attend seminars/workshops that will give you more exposure. If you are going to work in a bank, attend financial workshops and learn. Attending programmes like this will provide good opportunity to network with peers and professionals.

Tip 6

Joining Job Forums 
Joining forums created for job seekers on social media is a big shot in landing to your dream job. Important forum such as NYSC-Job-Help can help you connect with the right people.

The above tips may not take you to "Chavron" , "NNPC" or other big oil companies but will certainly take you closer to your dream.

God bless you as you share.


  1. please when is 2018 batch B going for service...that's my own problem now ..when I get to the river God will always provide a way ...he who has lead me this far will continue until the day of Christ