8 Signs Your Village People Followed You to the NYSC Camp.

If you experience any of these, then it's clear that your village people followed you to NYSC camp.

8 Signs your village people followed you to Nysc camp:

1. When you are posted to the Northern State, and after embarking on a two-day journey, only to get to camp and discover you forgot your credentials at home.

2. When the khaki you are given is large enough to sew bed sheet and can't be amended.

3. When you wash your khaki, crested vest and jungle boot and spread them outside, only to find out it's gone.

4. If your 'banana' always erect each time you spot a lady in camp.

5. When 'konji' torments you and you're being caught by the soldiers when having a 'quickie' with opposite $ex.

6. As a lady, if you've been a virgin right from your 100L and then you lost your virginity within three weeks in camp.

Source: otondo.com.ng

7. When you go to camp to claim fine boy, only for you to contact gonorrhea or HIV within three weeks in camp.

8. When you form "rich man pikin" in camp and don't want to queue for food served by Nysc, only for you to spend all your money and become stranded in camp.

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