Items you should go to Cyber Café with for NYSC online registration

We've gathered some useful information to make your registration seamless and smooth.
Before, we show you the items you should go to cyber café with, let's first go through the required technical items.

Technical items

  1. Install "Digital Persona Scanner & Driver".
The first thing to do before starting the application process is to ensure the Cyber café or computer in use is installed with "Digital Persona Fingerprint" scanner which is required to capture your fingerprint.
(If You Have Not Seen Your Name On The Senate List, Follow These Procedures To Check It)
How to install Digital scammer & Driver

  • Right Click "My Computer"
  •  Select Properties to find out if your Operating system is 32Bit or 64bit
  • Download NYSC Digital Persona 32Bit Driver or the 64Bit drive.

2. Install JAVA 7

Download and Install Java 7 which is required for fingerprinting applet to display correctly on browser. Be sure to Uninstall Java 8 before installing JAVA 7 and restart system/browser if you encounter issues.

ALL VISIT for NYSC updates

Items to go to cyber café with.
  • Passport photo graph (white or off-white background)
  • Biro(pen) incase you need to write down something.
  • Make-up free face (especially ladies)
  • Marriage documents (for married woman who wish to be posted same place her husband resides)
  • You should know your Matric No. and JAMB Reg No.
  • You should know your email address and PassWord.
  • Go with some cash (5k is ok)

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During Online Registration, NYSC will require from you to Choose 4 States you wish to be posted to - (This is how to choose the 4 states)


  1. Tnx for always making it easy for the prospects

  2. please can students from west african universities go to camp with original statement of result if the actual certificate isnt out

  3. Please is there still a need for face capturing after scanning and uploading one's passport?