NYSC call-up letter and How to get it

What you should know about NYSC call-up letter
What is call-up letter?
Call-up letter is a document which proof that you have been called-up for National Service. You must therefore present it to the State Coordinator, National Youth Service Corps of the state you are deployed to before you can be registered.
Things You Look Forward To See In The NYSC Call-up Letter Are:
  • Your name
  • Call-up number
  • State of origin
  • Gender
  • Institution attended
  • Course studied
  • State of deployment
  • Date of reporting
  • Officer-in-charge
  • Address of your orientation camp
  • Items/document to report with
There are two ways you can collect your call-up letter 
1. Printing it online OR
2. Collecting through your institution.

Advantage of Printing it online.
1. You can print as many copies as you want.
2. If you lost your call-up letter, you can easily go online and print another copy.

1. It costs money; about N3000 which must be paid at the time of online registration.
2. You need to login to NYSC website with password and have a coloured printer.

Advantage of collecting from institution
1. You can collect a day before those those who will print online.
2. You don't have to pay a dime for it.

1. Your house may be far from your institution
2. If you lost it or forget it at home, no other way to retrieve it.

Note: Prospective Corps Members who do not make payment during online registration are to start collection of the Call-up Letters from their respective institutions.

1. Go to NYSC portal at http://portal.nysc.org.ng
2. Login with your registered e-mail and password;
3. Click on "Print Call-Up Letter" link to access and print your call-up letter.
Source: otondo.com.ng

If you have any question, kindly use the comment box below to reach us fast, as our team are stand by to attending to all questions.


  1. Hello,
    Please the DOB in my WAEC result is different from the one I registered with and the one I submitted in school. In the course of registration(WAEC) someone made a mistaken. Tho my birth certificate carry same with the one I registered with. Please it is going to affect me in anyway

  2. Anonymous5:25 am

    The NYSC Call up number, is it automatically assigned to an individual during the online registration?

  3. Anonymous3:27 am

    Please what about those who were supposed to go to camp as stream 2 but were told to print their call-ups on July. Are we to Join badge B to orientation camp or are we to revalidate? Because right now I have printed the green card with my details. Reply me

  4. Enter your comment..when is orientation camp for batch c

  5. The date of birth on my nysc registration is wrong.I bought Waec verification pin and I changed it on Nysc portal.I received a message that It was submitted for approval but uptil today the wrong date of birth is still showing.my Waec original result carries my actual date of birth.can it affect me

  6. Please my school made a mistake when uploading my matric number
    Would it affect me

  7. Please is the call up letter out