5 Ways To know If the NYSC Call Up Letter Is Out

The NYSC call up letter is very important document after NYSC registration because the document contain; state of deployment, the address of the orientation camp posted to, the date prospective corps members are to report to camp and as well as the basic items needed in camp.
Once the NYSC online registration Is over, the next thing is to print the Call-Up letter or to recieve it through your institution, but the question is, "How would you know that your Call-up letter is out or available for printing, so that you can print it and know where you have been posted?

5 Ways To know If The NYSC Call Up Letter Is Out

1. Text message
One reason why the phone number you used to register must be a working one is because its on that same number that you will receive a message that will prompt you to go and print your NYSC call-Up letter.

Keep your phone close because a text message will be sent to your number.

2. NYSC Dashboard
You should just be checking your dashboard from time to time. This is stressful and can waste time.

3. NYSC official Social media Platform
The NYSC official page on facebook and instagram handle is also a good place to get the notification of the printing of call up letter.

4. Otondo portal
Otondo.com.ng From this website, you can probably get everything you want relating to NYSC. Visit it regularly for updates.

5. Press
NYSC call-Up letter is not a hidden thing. When it comes out, you will see thousands of news blog and forum publicizing it. Nairaland, naija.ng, otondo.com.ng and major popular blogs will be posting it. It is always a viral thing.
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