Information on call-up letter for 2018 Batch 'A'

According to the NYSC official time table, 2018 Batch 'A' Stream1 Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) should be printing their call-up letter today being 12th, April 2018 till 15th April 2018.
One thing you should understand is that the officials are working round the clock to put things in order.

The delay is due to the fact that 2017 Batch 'A' stream1 corps members are equally passing out today. The NYSC officials are busy attending to 2017 Batch A that are rounding off today.

We assure you that call-up letters will be sent to all the eligible PCMs any moment from now (when nysc officials are done with 2017 Batch A Pass Out Parade).
Stay calm and stay with us!


  1. Enter your comment...OK ooo, am waiting ooo

  2. Thanks for the information

  3. Anonymous5:08 am

    I'm a married woman by tradition ,didn't wed in church though in provess, but uploaded change of name and it's well stated it was contracted traditionally.But I'm denied that benefit, my dash board is showing "Not approved because of insufficient prove" kindly advice because I have four year old son. Thank you

  4. Pls what is the normal interval between streams 1 and 2 of going to camp pls

  5. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Please, I checked my dashboard today 13th of April, 2018 and I haven't seen any notification to print call-up letter or which stream am in. What do I do? Thank you.

  6. nysc sent this to my portal what can i do or what does it mean (Your Orientation Course has been scheduled for July, 2018. You will be notified when to print your call-up letter.)