8 Different Kinds Of Graduates You Will Get In Nigeria

Below are the highlights of the different kinds of Nigerian Graduates that are waiting for their NYSC.
Read and tell us, in which of the categories you see yourself in the comment section.

1. NYSC Crazy
These ones must have heard so much about the 3-week orientation programs, and they can't wait to wear their own Khaki, and catch fun with others in 'Mami' Market.

2. Want To Get Married
These are mostly female folks. They can't wait to get married anymore. They may not be crazy about NYSC, because the only thing on their mind is their marriage plan. NYSC might come later but getting married is the most important thing to them.

3. Want To Go Abroad
Based on the belief that it is easy to get rich abroad, all the noise making about going for NYSC and looking for job is not their concern at all. Apparently, they are tired of Nigeria and just want to leave shore of 'Nigeria' for another country, even if it is Ghana or Benin Republic; what matters to them is to leave Nigeria.

4. Can't Wait To Start Masters Program
These ones think about starting their master program immediately after NYSC. They believed that will give them an edge when searching for jobs. So, while others return and begin to search for jobs after NYSC, they apply for Master's program. These guys aren't happy because NYSC is standing on their way.
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5. Too Old To Go For NYSC
When young graduates are discussing how exciting it will be to wear NYSC khaki 'upanddown', and hoping about serving in an oil company in the South-South region, they make graduates in this category feel marginalised because they are too old to serve their fatherland, and whenever they try to register for NYSC, they will be exempted.

6. Wants To Start Working
These ones just want to start working immediately. They probably sponsored their education by themselves and can't wait to get employed. They don't care for NYSC allawance, because it can't help their situation.

7. Have No Idea Of What To Do After Graduation
These ones just do not have any future plan. They do not know the next step to take. What usually come to their mind is, if they get posted to a high-paying company during their one year program, they would be retained.

8. Don't Care About Both Degree Certificates & NYSC Certificates
These ones do not believe certificate will help them for landing a job in Nigeria.
These graduates feel they don't need the certificate to make money. Some of graduates are probably talented who make money through their gifts and do not really care about the certificate the institution will give them.
Source: www.otondo.com.ng
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