A Must To Read, Before You Accept Your NYSC PPA

This is more like a warning message to all the Corp Members recently dispatched to their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

Let it be be known to you that many PPA take advantage of Corp Members to achieve their selfish end goal, by using or over using Corps Members like slaves.

However, some corps members give their PPA boss the opportunity for this being both anxious and hasty to get accepted in their PPA, so they could return home quickly like others, perhaps to show their new NYSC khaki to parents, friends, enemies and others.

Before you accept that PPA

1. Don’t be Hasty
Don’t be in a hast for your PPA to accept you. There is always enough time.
Believe me, the waiting is worth it. If your PPA is not good, ask them to reject you.

Don’t be like many corp members, who in the name of frustration for a PPA quickly, accepted Pre-schools or primary school and ended up being treated like Nannies, baby-sitting and cleaning the mess of kindergarten pupils.

2. Good Accommodation
I will not lie about this. Most PPA do not have a conducive accommodation for all the Corp members posted under them due to facilities, too much crowd and others. On several occasions, you will have to get an accommodation for yourself.
Some PPA might provide an accommodation and you might not like it for privacy or other reasons.
Do not have it in mind that Every PPA will provide you with accommodation. It's luck sometimes.

3.   Your Free Day Must Be Allowed
You have privilege to a day of every week, in which you are not expected to be at your PPA at all (usually your CDS day). Your PPA must be ready to give you this day fully. Not expected to work for few hours on the same day.
It's a work-free day for you. You Boss might push you by asking, but you have to tell them that CDS days are off.

4. Local Allowance
The allowance the PPA will pay you at the end of every month. This should not be less than N5,000.
Let them know you don't like to be owed because many employers are fond of that.

5. Work Load
Don't let them overwork you. You are not expected to teach more than two subjects if you are in a school.
But sometimes out of compassion, you can take more if you can handle it.

6. Get Information
Get information from the existing corpers and workers in the organization to know how the management has been dealing with their workers. By this, you will be able to tell if they will be able to keep their promises to you or not.

7. Rules and Regulations
This might apply to every PPA, however, some PPA do have some rules that you might not be able to abide with. This is common among Mission schools and some organisations.

There are some places they will tell you that's you can't wear this or that to work.
Some organisation will tell you to put on tight cloths, mini skirts to promote their product and bring customers. If it's okay by you, tell them and if otherwise, tell them to reject you.

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