INEC Voters Card Verification Portal Allows You Check Your PVC Status Online

Hello good people of Nigeria, before you go to the polling unit to cast your vote in the upcoming elections, it is highly recommended you use the 'INEC Voters Card Online Verification Portal' to check the status of your PVC.

This is because you might just been issued a fake voter's card which won't allow you to vote or even the worst.

For this reason among others, The INEC online portal also allows you to check your Voters Identification Number (VIN).

Checking your voter's status is very important, and it can easily be checked online.

How To Use INEC Online Voters Registration Status Checker

1. Visit;

See the screenshot as shown below

2. Select your state of residence [State where you registered];

3. Enter your Surname;

4. Enter your VIN [If you don't know your VIN, leave it empty and scroll down to Select Your Date of Birth as an alternative]

5. Click the "Search" button.

If valid, your details including PVC, Polling Unit and others will be shown to you.

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